I am so happy that I've finally handed in my thesis. Thinking for the past three months, I sacrificed all the entertainment for life. I know it sounds silly, but I just can't focus on others if I am preoccupied. I'm very surprised of myself being able to suffer all these, staying home on the weekends thinking and reading. Gave up my favorite DVD time, shopping time and family time. I guess, I really care about getting my degree. Normally, for graduate programs, it takes about 2 years to finish, but the literature in my school takes 3 years. Two years for the courses and one year for the thesis conducting. (most of the students take more than a year to write their thesis. I think, it is because of the language, not easy to write in a second language)
How did I live by the past three years? Studying and working the same time, move three times in 2 years and got really sick a few times and car accident one time. Ah~~~~~well..it'll be all worth it soon. After I defend myself in Oral defense.
I really enjoy reading books, attending classes, knowing new ideas and theories.
But how long will I be able to contiue doing this?
The expectation for women in Taiwan is to get a steady job and get married. Women who desire to study PH.D usually end up sacrifice their love lives and marriage? Will I end up like that? Looking old, dressing old and living lonely?
What is more important for one's psyche? What is the better fulfillment for women? If I couldn't study further, I don't think I would give up making myself a smarter person in soul.

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Sahuma Minagahet 提到...

Yeah! Congratulations on handing in your thesis! Let me know how your oral defense goes. I already defended my thesis, but haven't turned it in yet (there are so many spelling errors and places where I wrote "(finish this later)".