Fate is tricky with surprises waiting for us at the most unexpected turns. Sometime, the best art pieces were borned in the roughest time of one's life. Solitary celibacy is never satisfying, though it might inspire one's mind the most! We all more or less need to feel LOVE in us somewhere, somehow, at sometimes.

This is how I felt after seeing this movie! It reminded me of my own lonliness in the past years.
For some years in my twenties, I was always so lonely and empty in heart! I was busy with my work, my study, my social life. But, that never filled the bottomless depth in my heart, the unfathomable abyss. However, that was also the most productive time of my life for poems.
I wrote them when I was so lonely and desperate, the words struck me out of nowhere when I was at sleeps, in dreams, and when talking to others. Weird~~~no insipiration now that my heart is no longer suspended.

Seraphine was named the naive style painter in France, she claimed to be summoned by an angel's voice to paint!! The colors of her paintings stun us with amazement. I think, those are the colors of passion and love!! The eager longing for attention and care~~~
(For the angel part, I hold my doubt)

Her paintins make me think of the Fireworks!! I can't tell much of the patterns or items she drew, whether they are the feathers, eyes, apples, peaches, oranges???? dunno....

Items in her paintings are repetitive, the colors are vivid and strong! I am not professional in art, but they show strong affection and when you look at them, you will be iced by the frozen enternity~~~time ceases itself around them. I like them!

I don't think that people need to be trained to know how to appreciate the art works. All we have to do is to use our eyes and hearts to feel~~~

I am a lazy person who love to rent DVDs and enjoy them at home. For this one piece, I was at the theater with other audience. It was because I was invited to a movie seminar to give a short speech. The owner of it is an art movie activist who is dedicate in promoting art movies to college students and that is why he often invites teachers from different departments to guide the audience for a better understaind to the movies, since hollywood commercial films are still the main stream. He thought more should have a chance to see something else.

I was honored to be there and didn't think I would have the opportunity to share my afterthought of a movie with a bunch of movie-lovers.

It felt great and hope I will be there soon again.