A Raft

Drfting Raft, Where to Go?
To the Harbor or the World?
Rocky Harbor without Wind and Storm, but Rusty Bottom no one knows
Beautiful World with a Wider View~
Sailing, Surfing, Floating, Free to Move and Please to Pause.
Not Knowing the Time to End Will be the Only Flaw
Drifting Raft, Where to Go??
Pending in Needs and Feeling Low.


One Afternoon in Matche Cafe~~

Date: February, 25,2007
Place: Match Cafe, on Chung-Kang Rd.

Professor Ming May Chen

Reunion of Five Beauty~HA~~~~

Feb.23, 2007---Cousin Reunion

This was the second year of cousin reunion. Of course, there are male cousins in the family, but this reunion is only for females. Besides, my first aunt's children who are much older than the rest of us and live without connection. There are only 5 females of us! We decided to get together whenever Joyce is back from Germany. She is married with German and live there now and would only come home for New Year.

Joyce (right) and Shu-yu, her older sister

Me and Yin-Zhen, my 5-month younger cousin! We are very close to each other.

Five of us, plus my cute niece~~~The middle one is Hui-Ping.
Gosh~~We lined up by age.

2007 New Year Trip

The Sunrise of Ali Mountain

Angus & Ginger at the Weather Observation Station

The train that doesn't work anymore!!

Heart-shaped Tree

The Couple Tree