Artistic Kind of Sense

Yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed a brief moment in Taching Wine Factory. They owned many forsaken barns, for which they allowed artists to exibit their artworks. Some barns are for free, some charge for the better facilities.

There, I took a short tour in appreciating a famous interior designer, Verner Panton's exhibition while waiting for Nick to open up their barn. Panton is an amazing designer who is bold and audacious about colors. The way he used color impressed me a lot. I really like vivid and warm colors and that's how he used them in the geometry patterns. I don't know much about him, but I learned that he designed funuture and space. He created this remarkable room with stripes in rainbow colors, like a facility that people would put in the arcade for children to explore and have fun. I didn't really know if the room was designed for the purpose to play in. But, I did enjoy myself jumping around in the space for the curved chairs and slanted curved sofa. That was so much fun!!!

The downside was that I didn't have a camera and the friend who went with me forgot to bring hers. So.........(This made me more determined to save some money to get one camera myself!)

Then.....there he was,

Name: Nick Chong
Age: 36 years old
Star Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Year: Pig

An amateur artist specializes in acrylic paiting and digital software.

(Don't know what acrylic really is, actually! Though I was the one to translate his biography)

Mindy took this photo, Nick tried to play cool in the way he was (which he never was) and I followed along, but failed to pretend to be cool and ended up with that constrained smile in me.

The paiting at the left was Nick's favorite. I couldn't remember how he named it. But I called it "Barbie." It was totally his imagination in the lucid figuration. A blode naked woman hung up in the crucified position. A prey in Nick's almighty altar!! (I've already told him about this!)
At the right, which he had sold out 4 copies was very mysterious and hallucinating. Not my favoite, but I like the warm colors.

Amateur photographer Nick had his own peculiar sense of angle. With my nostrils showing~~??? This one piece was interesting! Two hands are holding close for an eye pupil. It was very delicate, if people could take a closer look.

**There are other artists works showing in the same barn too. However, we were there for Nick, so we only took pictures with his works to show him respect.

One of the artists who is from England, he had this strange, and yet very post-modern idea putting lips on an orb. He cut hundreds or thousands of lips from fashion magazine and stuck them on the orb. Very cool, but I couldn't understand why? Also, another orb he made, he stuck hundreds of hands, also cut from the magazines I guess.
He had this extreme characteristic that his pencil sketch was
in a balanced symmetry, but the thing he put together was with the sharpe edges and pointed tips.
I mean, don't people usually consider something round or smooth to be the element for harmonious hues?
So, anyway, his work left a great impression! I liked the sketch he draw very much!

I think, everybody has her/is own artistic sense in her/is particular way and can express her/is idea uniquely. The only thing, I was wondering was; "How do people define plagiarism in art?"
People with ideas cherish their intelletual property! Words are put down become the best evidence to prevent the plagiarism, but artwork? I've seen some well-known artists in Taiwan share the similiar senses in their artworks. Even in this United Exhibition of Nick's, some other artists' works were so eye-familiar to me.
I don't know! If people could provide their reasons, or interpreted thier works in new senses, then perhaps, no such a problem would exist.