The Da Vinci Code & Car Accident

I was just promising myself if I could finish Chapter 3 before Friday, I would reward myself for the movie, The Da Vinci Code. But I had a car accident today, so it ruined my plan for the weekened, I would probably need to stay home to recover and do more homework.
I love the novel so much. I really appreciate the idea that Jesus was married to a woman. That makes more sense, right? I also like the idea that another force challenges the authority of Vatican and its church system.
If I remember it correct, it should be about Foucoult's hegemony.
I know that the novel is fictional, but no one can deny that the author, Dan Brown is brilliant.
Gosh~~ why did I have the accident?


How desperate could one be?

How desperate could one be?
How lonely could one live?
How endless will it be?
It is driving me crazy~~~


Computer Imbecile

Do people freak out when their computer breakdown?
I felt like an imbecile whenever there was a dysfunction in my computer.
It is like a curse that my computer always abandons me when I need it the most
It drives me nut~~~~


Blue Morpho Butterfly

Waiting for Transmutation



Wandering in a labyrinth, looking~~
A deep, dark, glittery eye
The stare only to feel but invisible, an eye like no others
Labyrinth is where the old soul lives
The eye that guards the old soul and keeps it in mystery
Find the eye, the soul reveals


Honey ! It's a lesbian !

To work on your master thesis is like living in the hell.
For the past two months, my routine life has became like:
Wake up in the morning, sit myself in front of the laptop
and then spend the rest of the day, staring at the computer,
thinking. (Perhaps I am a bit over exaggerated, no one can have
such super concentration) I do spend time on the daily chore
and working three hours every evening. Every day is such a
long day to me. Two more months to go~~~~
I do wish it will end more quickly or at least, on time.
Today,I read across a part in Sara Salih's book "Judith Butler"
and laughed so loud at this:

To claim, as Butler does, that sex is always (to a degree) performative is to
claim that bodies are never merely described, they are always constituted in
the act of description. when the doctor and nurse declares "It's a girl/boy!',
they are not simply reporting on what they see (this would be on a
constative utterance), they are actually assigning a sex and a gender to a
body that can have no existence outside discourse. In other words, the
statement 'It's a girl/boy!' is performative. Butler returns to the birth/
ultrasound scene in the final Chapter of Bodies, "Critically Queer', where,
as before, she argues that discourse preceded and constitutes the 'I' i.e.
the subject:

To the extent..............

It's a girl!' is not a statement of fact but an interpellation that initiates the
process of 'girling', a process based on perceived and imposed differences
between men and women, differences that are far from 'natural' . To
demostrate the performative operations of interpellation, Butler cites a cartoon
strip in which an infant is assigned its place in the sex-gender system with the
exclamation 'It's a lebian!'. Far from an essentialist joke, the queer
appropriation of the perfomative mimes and exposes both binding
power of the heterosexualizing law and its expropriability. (88-89)

I think, to deconstruct female gender doesn't mean to negate the male
gender and make female gender the subject or the other the weaker part.
Instead, it is , as what Butler is trying to do, to embrace a multi-formity
of gender.