Walking down to the "Possible" Aisle---Prologue

For the past few weekends, whenever Angus and I were out for dinner, we would stop by the jewelry stores to check on the diamond rings and asked for the prices. (It was a delightful thing to try those beautiful rings on. We aren't that rich to afford a carat, but half a carat is my goal to reach. Hahahah~~)

Weddings cost a lots! So many things to buy and so little money to spend!

When he first took me to the jewlery store, I was so surprised and, for the first time, felt the authencity of this upcoming event!

There was no proposal of this whole event actually!
It was, when he mentioned to me in February of how much his family would like him to settle down earlier. My internal reaction was ---" Are you insane? We are only together for like less than a month? How can I possibily think of that?"

Of course, he wasn't giving me the position to fill in, but was telling me his aim for our relationship. I was repeating "How could I just entrust someone with my life happiness so easily?" in my heart.

And I didn't make up my mind until this Shaman from a temple fortelling her oracles.

Now, you might think Ginger is a silly person to believe in something with no scientific statistics!

Well..... it isn't easy to express myself well enough to the point of the ambiguous conceptions I have over life values and women.

I was a student in English literature for 7 years and the years before that I was a hard-working studnet who had worked my ass off in learning English.

In my studnet life, I was a person who had this dream to wish to be different somehow at some points from the girls that all Taiwanese parents would want thier daughters to be!
I didn't like much of my traditions and customs because their conceptions for women were so limited that I thought no souls should be confined in the bodies of the genders and no one would know for sure on woman's possible achievement!
By learning English, I felt closer to those who have more freedom in building their dreams. I mean, women from advanced Western countries.
I don't think that now~~~~
Anyway, part of me, with the education I received, I am deeply influenced by women liberation in Western countries. But, most in heart, I guess, I am never but a conventional Taiwanese woman who still tries to seek an outlet for those who don't wish to be too traditional.

"Shaman" in Taiwanese culture is believed to be someone who has carried God's mission on helping those who suffer in life matters and need directions for better futures.

In Taiwanese culture, we are totally toaism. Of course, Taiwan is a place with multi-religions.
But, Toaism is more like life practice here than religions. I was raised with such kind of background and in some ways, I am superstitious and believes in some taboos.
Angus thinks it is rediculous to someone like me who has received a master degree but to believe in a shaman who might not even have a high school diploma!

--stay tune---