Is it a meticulous consideration or a blind impulse?

"I'm getting married!" ---a single line that I used to dream saying out loud with people's congratulaitons as response.

But, its feedback in the actual deed is totally out of my expectation, and to be honest, a bit disappointing.

Think back to my teenage dream, I was crazily hoping my life would be exotic and outlandish that it should happen in a foreign country with an artistic man that cared lots about me and two of us could live a non-traditional life for the rest of life. "A Non-traditional Life" was totally my ultimate goal for my life.

That didn't happen and I am no longer a teenage girl. It is completely contraditory than what I am facing right now.

Yesterday, people from two families were having lunch together in the restaurant talking about the possible wedding for the two of us.

There were 10 people at the table, my parents, his parents, my uncle and aunt, his uncle and aunt and two of us. (Traditionally, uncle from mother's side side plays an important role in the family and has right to manage or maybe to say interfere some decisions)

Anyway, the lunch event seemed a smooth one without too much awkwardness.
Both uncles from two families tried hard to convey each side's expectation.
No result came out from the first round draft and the second round is waiting ahead for the further request.

Eversince we decided to get married, we have been building the future path toward marriage.

Meeting each other's parents, family members and friends.
Discussing and exchaging the ideas about marriage.
Busy doing this and that~~
and I am overweight for the wedding photo shoot and start my diet project and it's progress is still far behind the schedule so far.

Gosh, so many things~~~~Where I work in the evening is closing down at the end of August, so I am moving northern to live with my boyfriend before the wedding. (Though the date is still unsettled)

The worst thing from the whole busy, annoying process before wedding is that ---- people around me start asking me to think twice and hard for my decision to prevent the worst scenario to happen in the future.

They want me to think carefully for the outcome if I made the wrong step now.

"Getting married is easy", they said.
"Getting divorced is not simply to walk away from the problems because it may have had the kids involved" , they reminded~

Ah~~~~~~` I know that~~~~~I know~~I know~~~~ but nothing is made from a single line with a single element.

Should I make a list to see if I should or shouldn't marry him?

Alas, difficult to pinpoint why I should or why I shouldn't .

**Baby, if you are reading this. please remember I love you and I only bring this onto the table for mere discussion***

The thing that gets beween us is the money issue.
Our values on money-using doesn't pace accordingly and I am afraid it might be a potential fuse to all future arguments.

We grew up in different families and, of course, our values on using money would certainly be different from each other~But I never thought we could be so different~

Optmistic as I always, I hope everything will seek to the perfect way through~

No sacrifice will be made! No compromise is unwilling~ Nobody will ever get to say, "I told you so~"