Repeating the Karma

How not to repeat the karma of your own relationship with your mom is to learn how a parent should be when you become one.
Or, maybe, it is better to start learning the knacks earlier when you step into a marriage.

Becoming a man's wife is where you can observe the karma pattern of your mom.
You act like your mom. Copying the ways she treats your dad, saying the same words as she does and using the same vocabs, complaining the same things which you used to think they weren't big deals to nag about.

Nothing is to late to make amendment! Because you are only living together with you fiance.
So, every resentful pattern that leads you back into the karma is amendable!

Living out of the karma is your goal to reach and task to complete as a woman.

I want to be a new woman~~~~~~~~~
A new species of women.
Being a traditional one is not the compromise I can wedge myself into.