Lament Loss of the Aerial Love

It has been just a few weeks from my last post, though, I feel like it has been forever to feel the mood to sit down at my laptop posting. I have been busy about adjusting my life with not only me in it but also a significant one gets involved. Being single for too long has crippled my ability to dare to say that I am in LOVE now~~

Thinking back to 2006, I was having this huge crush on someone who wasn't just academic brilliant but also artisitic talented. He is so talented that I believe whosever meets him would have this illusionary adoration over him whatsoever; for such an irrational crush, I was able to print down words in peotic forms to express my feelings for him. It was a bizzare but incredible experience. Thinking of someone with a full heart, filled the possibility into an impossible scenario milieu, an unrealistic fantasy over somebody you hardly knew of.
Such an unrequited admiration left an unbearable lightness of melancholia to the end of 2006.

But, agnostic as life is, I am suddenly in a relationship with someone I met a few months ago in Chinese teaching class. From all my past experience, "click-on at the first sight" had taken a great part in forming a relationship. Even when I discussed "Attraction" with a friend, I remembered how I insisted on putting "love at the first sight" as the enssential element in attraction. However, me and Angus didn't click on like that and it is very difficult (I would say, unable to tell) how we get together and why??? Perhaps, there was this invisible hand which maneuvered the subtle shifing in the process and put us together....Ha~

This is a whole new experience to me, with a man who is 2 years younger than me. But I guess what's more important is how your souls connect than appearance.