Contradictory Emotional Struggles of Being Taiwanese Women

Last Sunday, two cousins from my mom's side visited us in Yun-lin, where my parents-in-law live. (I am always close to my cousins from mom's side. )
They wanted to take the kids to have some fun at the beach! Actually, their main purpose was the clams on the beach. But, to dig up the wild clams takes patience to wait for the ebb.

While we were waiting for the tide to ebb, the men were making Chinese tea and chatting casually. We, women, on the other hand, sat aside in the corner talking busily about our marriages.

Eversince, I became a married woman, I was included into a differnt zone of social circle. Before, none of the married cousins had ever mentioned any sex-related subjects to me.

Sex is an interesting topic among friends, but not among coworkers, a forbidden one in the family. However, the sex taboo exists only in certain families, not all though . In my hubby's, they enjoy teasing each other for their sex lives.

Anway, they were showing their concerns on our plans for the babies and they were also telling me how I should care for my hubby's well-being. The responsibilities that a wife should take!
Buying deodorant socks for him to avoid the embarrasement in social events. Think carefully of your baby plan because once you get the kids you plan for, contraception will be your job to stick to.

WHAT the h-e-l-l ???
I love my hubby and love to help decide what's best for him to wear. But, to take what he should wear as my responsibility? Isn't this too much? I would be happy to give him my suggestion, but to do or not is his call to make. Isn't it so?

And~~~~~~Why am I the one to watch out for the accidental pregnancy? If we want to stop having more babies, why can't it be my hubby's responsiblity to get the vasectomy? (of course, it is way too early to think about it, since we are childless.)

My cousin and cousin-in-law were sharing their experience on "abortion" with me, saying how dreadful it was to feel the pain and the after-effect it caused to their bodies. How they have felt the invisible black holes in them that suck out their enegergy from them. I was so shocked because I didn't know getting "A-s" was so common among married women. They are still sexual active after getting the # of kids they wanted, but being fertile becomes great worriment for them when they are in beds with their men.

What they'd shared with me saying that " We, women were caretaker for the family even the protectors of our own." Where are men in this situation? Are they exist in the marriages????

Liberal and liberative as Taiwanese women are, there are limitations they confine themselve to.
Men are half in the marriages, too. Right? Leave them half the responsibility of everything in the household, shall we? Let them not just, being pleased with whatever they're pleased with!!!
Be responsible, married men !!! Women bring home the bacon as much as you do, too.~~

Many of us, Taiwanese Women, desire to be better by receiving higher education, work harder for tasteful, even desirable lives. The colorful single lives of 4 characters in Sex and the City; Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are perfect models to look up to.

How to live to the fullest at the present is the course Taiwanese women are interested in learning. Single or not, they're eager to attend various workshops, seminars, speeches and career-driven training ect. Such as: learning a second language.

Look around, you will see more females than males in Taiwan trying to make the better selves out of them.

My cousin and cousin-in-law as well, are taking higher education to nourish themselves for the possible chances that may improve their lives. They care about their appearances, preventing the ugliness that will age their looks quicker. Paying great attentions on their families and kids, hoping their kids will, one day, be more outstanding than what they've worked hard to maintain.

Even though females are devoting in forming new images for themselves; their behaviors change automatically after getting married. I don't know if those changes just jump up on them unconsciously or are them forced to transform by any external factors?

Or are we, women, the natural-born control freaks? We, are to be blamed for the consequences??

Why do we need to work so hard to be better women while men thought they were perect enough for the situations?

Keep on like this, playing a traditional Taiwanese woman will kill me one day~~~