Big Change

There is an saying goes: "You'll never know what comes next !" I think, it is so true. One moment, I was planing on having a baby; the next moment, the plan was abruptly suspended!

It is all because I am moving back to where I was a year ago. But, this time, I am moving back alone without my husband.

Thing started when I received a voice mail from the English department. They had called to ask if I was still keen to take a position in school. (Of course, I was ~~)

In fact, back in June, I tried to apply for a part-time position in my alma mater. But both the English department and the English language center had told me they weren't short of teachers. More, they told me I was a bit too late since they started recruiting teachers some time earlier and had filled in all positions.

I wasn't so dissappointed with it because I am not an aggressive person when it comes to job-hunting. I am too lazy to send out resume and go around for interviews. Besides, most of the time, the jobs I sought by myself didn't came out with results. So, basically, I was always hunted by the jobs that needed me. That's why I've been making living by teaching English for so long. I don't complain much of what I work for living, even though I don't think I deserve to be like this either !!!

However, just like what I just said: You will never know what comes next. Since 2 weeks ago, I was so lucky that I had been offered by different people for different jobs. One wanted me to consider tutoring her kids. The other asked me to contact her friend in publishing house for a translating position. At the same time, I got more hours from the language center I worked, which had tired my throat out and had caused some damage to it.

I didn't give it a much thought when my school asked if I could help out in such a late notice. I said, " I am eager to be back in Taichung and I am highly interested in teaching some thing more professional." I even told them I was planing on getting a further degree and definitely, university provided a more resourceful environment for studying and the part-time teaching job would be a great plus on my resume. That's it~~~I am going back to Providence University to be an instructor.

This opportunity has definitely push me forward to the goal I set for my life. I always wanted to work in universities. But then, my hubby and I will have to live apart. We have only been married for 7 months, and we're living apart soon. That doesn't sound too good for newly-weds, furthermore, we were even hoping to have a baby.

I don't know how thing is going to turn out. I have an extensive experience in teaching, but to lieteature intruction, it will be my first. Just wait and see~~I guess.

I've already consulted my classmates and friends in school about the regulations they have for part-time instructors. They've shared their thinking and opinions.

Taking this part-time position is hardly going to cover my expense. The payment for part-timer is meanly scarce ~~~ I'll have to look for more jobs.

God blesses me !!!! May I have a better future with enough money to live on~~~~~