What happened to our young????

The second week in the university has been good so far. I guess, it is because the students I have now, aren't as difficult as the clients I had outside school. For this, I am not saying that students in the university have bettter understanding in English than the adult students I had before and can lessen my working load. On the contrary, they aren't any better. In fact, they are poorer in English.
What I mean " difficult" is that those I had before asked more from the teacher and demanded to know more about the correct usages, which might have challenged my own ability if I weren't good enough!!
But, here in the university, students aren't eager to improve their English, they are content with what they are capable of and the scariest thing is that, they aren't good enough as they might have thought they were~~
The reason I suppose is, unlike those adult students who spent their own hard-working money to pay for the course they took; the college students are still under the financial supports from their parents. They take the support for granted and might overestimate their abilities.

That's why I said: "they aren't as difficult!" It takes me a lot of time to prepare for the "Introduction to Literature" , but for the "Intermediate English Conversation," I am quite disappointed with their performances. As English-majors in their third year, they couldn't even use " passed the test", " go to an interview" or "get a haircut."

What happened to our kids?
I should have felt happy for not needing to put more effort in them. They are easy as a pie. But I am not happy about this, I expect more from them~~What can I do, really?