Unless U r Strong in Mind, Don't get married

One day, one day soon, I'll study what I want, and then I want to write a book about Taiwanese women. How they've changed over times, how their self-consciousness has been arosed and reformed and how they've also kept the traditional durability temperament that has been passed on from generation to genration in Taiwan history.

Whenever the married women get together, their main concerns will be revolved around their families. At certain points; I would say, it is a bit upsetting~~~
They don't talk about what they are gonna do with their dreams, their jobs or maybe how they want to chance their present lives to better ones. They don't !!!!! Very disappointing~~~
Or perhaps, programs or activities they are interested in taking their kids to participate.
No...they don't.

If children are not what they mention, it will be the mother-in-law they complain. No one seems to be able to solve the problem. It is like some expert from TV has put it; When it is about the issue relates to families, no resolution is good enough or can perfectly apply.

I can't agree more with what the expert says. She is totally right~ Taiwanese women carrry great responsiblities on their backs, trying to play every role well. A good daughter, a good gf, a good wife, a good mom. But they seldom reveal how they want to work further to the dreams they desire. Why???? Why not?

A friend of mine, for who I have thought to be able to read my mind, told me the other day, how it was impossible for me to be a mom and pursuit my study at the same time. She told me that was how things were. No woman could be what she wanted when she became a mom.
I was quite shocked to hear this~~~Why can't I have the kids and have my study at my both hands?????

I hate to hear this and I refuse to let it happen.
I believe only by progessing further and higher, doing what interest me can have my spiritual self satisfied without confusion and void. Because, if I am to live up to 80 years old, then I won't be bored from life so soon after I finish my duties to my elders, hubby and children. Those who have gotten married early and have babies at early ages will be grandparents earlier, and then, what else............being grand grand-parents and grand grand grand parents???

Love thyself, woman~~~I will try my best to do it.

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Wow. First time seeing a taiwanese blogging in English. Well.. good luck! I'm sure you can do it.

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Hello from Nouméa
What a cute dog !