Taiwan is a Country. China has no part in it.

I'd like to give a shout out to those who don't know much about Taiwan as well as to those who have already known Taiwan for long. Please understand the FACT that Taiwan has been an independent country for many decades. We have our own elected presidents, but for the present one whom many of us feel very much ashamed of, for he has been conducting deeds which jeopardize the democracy our predecessor and former democrat had consumed thier lives building. The dignity of Taiwan has been degrading because he is pro-Beijing.

People in Taiwan are on the verge of losing the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly. We are not allowed to protest and express our thinking in action. We are not allowed to display our national flags in public because for some unknown reasons, it suddenly becomes too sensitive to put them up or to hold them in hands since the chairman of ARATS (a rat, indeed! ) from China is now visiting Taiwan. The police force that has been arranged to protect the visitors from China and the regulations the govenment set to confine the movement of Taiwan people have made Taiwan, once again, a place in military curfew.

Today, a music shop was broadcasting one song that had the word "Taiwan" in the lyrics, then soon after, the shop was ordered by the police to stop broadcasting.
What kind of country are we living in? If we can't even tell others who we are?

How ironic is it that the national flag of Taiwan was the party flag of KMT party, the ruling party now. Before we were released from the military curfew, for many years, KMT party had been brainwashing people in Taiwan on how evil and cunning China was. They taught children to call China, "Gong-Fei", the bandit. They gave people a false image of being able to fight against China and conquered them one day.

This circumstance was altered until our first elected president, Lee Deng-hui had put an end to the military curfew and set an fence between China and Taiwan claiming our relation to be Country-to-Country relationship.

Later, when DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) arose and we had our second elected president, Chen Shui-bian. He and his officials had worked hard on rebuilding the sovereignty of Taiwan. They strongly asserted that Taiwan is a country.

It is so true. We are! We are proud to be one and we refuse to be part of China because we never are.

It is China's wishful thinking that Taiwan is one of their provinces. They wish!!! Fat Chance~~~

What is more mortifying, irritating and infuriating is that the president who won 7 miliions votes to get his throne told his ruling people, we, that it is fine for that chairman from China not calling him "President."

Who has he become? If he weren't the president? And what have we become?
Shame on him !!!

I am so glad I wasn't blind to vote for him. I feel sorry for those 7-million voters who believed his lies and thought he would bring us to proseprity in finance and solve the unemplyment problem, but I also resent those blind people for their choice has dragged us down to this condition. What is off their anticiaption is that thing turned out that all he ever plotted and wanted was to reunite with China. That is his really, truly conspiracy.

Today, the Chairman from ARATS and our representative signed a contract which was secretly consented by the two without people knowing any details of it.

What is going on? Those Gong-fei will be here for a few more days. I hope no blood will be seen during the protest.

Taiwan people just want the voice to be heard~~~~~Taiwan is a country.

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Michael Lujan Bevacqua 提到...

Hafa Adai Ginger, this was a very informative post. I remember you saying that hearing about the situation on Guam reminded you so much about Taiwan, this post reminded me about Guam. I look forward to reading more about the situation there from you. I hope you're doing well!