Read Your Anxiety Away

When I am under stress. I love to duck back to the world of books. Long stories, short stories, various kinds of fiction that seems to attract my attention and be able to soothe my nerves.

The best part of reading is that its imaginary world gives you a peaceful moment which temporarily makes you forget what you're being through. The downside of it comes when you are about to finish it and when you do, it leaves nothing but a sense of lonliness. Emptiness creeps all over you and haunts you to linger in the fabricated plot for a while until a click from the real world to bring you back to the reality.

Story after story I read, I read my life through author's eye. Each brilliant work brings me the observation and life experience from the author. I mimic my life to the character's for venting, pick up the potential situation, print it in my memory for the unknown future with sensible preparation.