Marriage begins when Honeymoon is over.

For the past few months, I was totally occupied with all details and matters related to my engagement, wedding and after-wedding party. I was dreadful tired. It is difficult to imagine how some people can manage to have more than one marriage?

Something about wedding is that, it is never going to be a two-people matter but a two-family matter. Even an independent, self-rightous and opinionated woman like me was trapped in the mouths of others. I was swamped in their kindness, for they were simply being nice to think the best of your well-beings and benefit, but sometimes, the warm-hearted advices could be so annoying! Ones who have had been through wedding matters cordially gave you suggestions about what to do and what not to do. What's worse was, when both of you have big families, toubles double up because you didn't know whose suggestion to take and whose to cast away.

Thanks God, I've survived through the whole wedding ordeal and have had my honeymoon in Tokyo, Japan with my husband.

Honeymoon as it was supposed to be, fine and sweet. I felt nothing changed between us two.
It was like we were still unmarried.
However, soon the situation is gonna change cause the Chinese New Year is coming in February and I will, for the first time, having the family reunion dinner with my in-law family not with my mom and dad.

I try not to think in advance how sorrowful I might be to be where without my parents on New Year's Eve. I wasn't so attached to my parents before, but it seems that once thing is no longer as it used to be, I miss the old time and get scared to the new condition.

Well, hope everything will be okay!!
I'll be fine.
After Chinese New Year, I'll have to start thinking about finding a new job here in Taoyuan, of course, my goal of life should get started ,too.