Ever thine, ever mine, ever OURS~

Yesterday was a burning hot day ! I passed my chance to go to the mountain with my hubby because I had suffered much from the sizziling sun the day before. It was fun to have a one-day trip with my hubby and his friends, but it was too tiring.

So, yesterday, while my hubby enjoyed his family time, I grasped my chance at the theater with my favorite, "Sex and the City." It was better to go alone anyway~~I needed my private time to appreciate the shrine of all women.

This HBO series had accompanied me to pass the lowest emotional tumblings when I was in college. I am sure, many women have shared the same experiences like me.~~~

I couldn't remember how many times I had shed my tears with Carrie over Big's indecisive commitphobia.

There is more than just the discussions over sex or the love relationships between the characters. "Sex and the City" conveys women in ways they long to be understood!!!

We love to be understood emotionally, we have our particular expression over issues and lives.

We have our reasons for everything we want to do or people we love.

We are all princesses in our dreamlands and thiking our living-happily-ever-after lives with our Mr. Rights.

But lives are not pretty, we may be searching without that meant-to-be, or we may find out marraige isn't the answer to love. But "LOVE" is something we won't stop hoping for~

Nomatter how our "LOVE" have their ways out of our lives. The most important thing we should always bear in mind is, " the past LOVE is still as strong as the time we once owned it. No need to deny the ever existing love."
I enjoyed how the movie had presented those fancy outfit that blinded my eyes with dazzles.
Still, I loved how Carrie and Big ended at the end of the movie.
Got married in PLAIN ORDINARY~~~~