Life is a Bitch, then You Die

Life in Taiwan has become so pressing and stressful that agitates everyone so much lately. Of course, it is due to the shortage of the oil supply, that's why the prices of all goods are flying so high up. It is sure to know that the depression and inflation are not only the problems in Taiwan but all over the world.

But, here in Taiwan, we have 14 news channels to broadcast the news 24-7. It might be a surprise for outsiders to think it amazing that, how little Taiwan is as an island and can have so many news to be broadcasted 24-7. Well, we don't~

That's the dreadest part of it. There aren't so many news out there ever day while we have too many news channels which are desperate to spread the news. So, the thing is, they share news with each other. Each news will be broadcasted for about 3 days, sometimes a week. Or even, they will use the old news years or months ago, if you pay close attention to it.

Well.............It isn't news anymore, if it took 3-4 days to be known.

So, when there is a price going up, all news channels take turns to spread the news and causes the false image that the same item has been raised the price many times in a short period of time. It makes people feel that they are living in an abyss where no hope is ever able to be seen.

How can we catch up with the prices while our salary staying where it was a decade ago.

The enterprises in Taiwan never stop whining about how little money they make each year and still, their employees can get big annual bonus every year, especially to those government-runned organizations.

The primal factor to cause the inflation is the OIL price and the problem has been rotting for too long that it had deluded people to believe choosing the different party to run the country would have made the differences. Which was so wrong that ever since our new president was selected in March and was inaugurated in late May, the situation has gone to the very bottom and deeper.

The supporters of his might say, "it has only been a month of him being a president so far, we should wait longer too see his words proven." Well.....that wasn't what he had promised when he was running the campaign. If they can't they understand taht hungry people are impatient for the insufficiency, I am sure, the riot might arise anytime soon.

There is more, the 7 millions who were deluded had chosen a president whose cabinet members are having the permanent residency permit in either States or Canada. Even the president was once being questioned about his green card identity.

We are now, practically, ruled by a group of people who are either Canadian or American !!
How does that sound? They even dareto claim their patriotisms are unquestionable.~~~

If something goes wrong between China and Taiwan, we would be left without the head. Because they would be asking for political protection from Canada and States.

How happy are we to be here??? An enviroment with all doubts and questions and anxiety for the unstable life. ~~~~

May God be the witness and may we be able to have better lives SOON, ASAP~~~Because 4 years is too long to tolerate an incapable leading team !!