My New Lover


I never knew keeping a dog would bring me so much happiness. Being a dog-lover, I had always wanted one, but never had chance to. About 3 months ago, my hubby and I suddenly had this idea wanting to adopt a dog to fill in the void.

Part was because I had to work away from home and we thought keeping one could keep Angus company. One other reason was because we really love dogs, whenever we saw someone walking his/her dog on the street, we two would approach near like some kinky psychoes and tried to play with their dogs without even looking at the owners. I know how odd it sounds, how eccentric our behavior was, but we couldn't help doing it. We love dogs so much~~~

What triggered us to take our action was one late night, we were parking our car near a park. There was one gold retriever taking its leak in it. Angus told me to take a look. (We always signals each other when we see a cute dog.) When he told me to do so, I was shocked a bit because I saw no humans in the park, then I saw the dog and found out the dog was all alone by itself.

That old dog was taking its time sniffing around and marking it territory. At first, we just wanted to get close to it to pat it a bit. Angus, somehow, had this horrible thinking suggesting that the dog might have been deserted by its owner and said how nice it would be if we could just bring it home and earned ourselves a free dog.

Then, under the illusive spell, we started to tempt it with some snack we just bought.

This gold retriever was a smart one, not only didn't it let us pat it, but it also kept running away when we fished it with snack. It ran, we chased~~~~ It hid, we sought~~~~ Block to block, we followed.

Although, I would have loved it so much if we could have just taken it home, I still knew how crazy it was to take home an old dog. Besides, it's so big that we couldn't possibly felt comfortable with it in our little apartment.

We had been chasing that dog for about 30 minutes, at last, he gave in to my husband's great force and let him touch it, it refused to take a bite on what we offered though.

While my silly husband were reaching his full-of-bad-idea hand toward the dog, he felt the name tag on dog's collar.

I was so released when I heared there was a tag on the dog, Angus called but no one answered. We tried to read the address on the tag and realized the dog lived around the neightborhood.

It turned out that it was let out to take a leak only and ran into 2 crazy people who tried to take it away from its sweet home.~~~~

That was when we decided to have one on our own. A puppy, of course!!

We did some research to see what breed suit us better.

I love large-size dogs; such as, Gold retrievers, labs, huskeys....etc. While Angus prefers some breeds like; bull dogs, dachshund and so on.

We both love Pembroke Welsh Corgi because of its large ears, round face and short legs. It is so cute when it is a puppy and cuter when it grows up.

So, we looked around to see who wanted to give away their puppies for adoption. After making a few phone calls, we learned that those who posted on the internet for puppy adoption charged adopters for money because they were afraid puppies would fall into bad hands. (There have been news about animal abuse.)

Later, we bought Pineapple. It was 39-day-old when we brought it home. I was so excited to have it with us, nervous at the same time since I had no experience at all.

I bought a book about this particular breed, tried to tolerate the foul smell when I had to clean its poo at first (Now, I get used to it all right) ~~

Now it has been living with us for nearly 3 months, we still receive calls from the seller. (He is a good breeder, he was so worried that it might not survive in our hands)

Today, I took it to the vet for its third vaccine. It is perfectly healthy and very energetic.

It is like us too. We were so surprised when we found out that pets are like their owners.

It is a greedy eater, never stop asking for food and gets angry when its appetite isn't satisfied. Hehehe.....too many funny things to tell.

I love my Pineapple.

I am happy that it becomes one member of the family now. In the future, when Angus and I have our baby, it will still be the big brother in the rank, I suppose.~~Ha~~~