It all started last summer

After a year and half without any sign of pregnancy and with my sister-in-law's mommy-to-be condition pushed behind my back, I'd finally decided to face my worst nightmare. The problem I found back in 2004 and thus; eversince last summer, I've been going in and out of hospital fightint for my chances for being a MOM.

The chronicle order of different checkups--

2009. 6. 30

Although I was pretty aware of the problem I had, I still thought it would be better to seek a second opinion somewhere else besides National Taiwan University Hospital. Afterall, my first diagnose was several years ago. They didn't care that much to confirm which anomaly I was back then. They said, I wasn't married and the anomaly I had couldn't promise the infertility. Second, I thought it was too troublesome to go to Taipei for the checkup anyway. Commuting back and forth costs a great deal of time. I didn't want that either! Therefore, I sought a well-known doctor in Taoyuan and paid him a visit.

I went through every checkup I had again back in Taipei. Blood test, Trans-vaginal ultrasound. I had to tell the physician that I already knew my anomaly. She held a doubt, but rechecked again to confirm the 2 cavaties. At this time, I still didn't know why it was so hard for them to find out that I had 2 cavaties in my uterus.

Doctor Chiang confirmed my anomaly, but suggested that I went back to National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) for a surgery called, Metroplasty. He gave me a name and claimed the one to be his schoolmate back in med school. He performed this sort of cases.

So, there I was. Destined to be in NTUH for my journey of mommyhood~~~

2009. 7. 3 Trans-vaginal ultrasound

Doctor Yang in NTUH reviewed the history of my med record and arranged the HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) on July 6th, 2009.

2009. 7. 6

This test was unlike the ultrasound which gives only a slightly sore! The horrible HSG is more like a small invasive surgery which needs the patient to lie on an examining plateform where a physician will open your vagina with a speculum and insert a long long plastic tube inside you. Then it comes the scary part; in order to secure the tube, the physician has to pin two clips on two side of your birth tunnel. The worst step is the contrast dye, it needs to be injected, so the dye can go through your fallopian tubes and they will take pictures asking you to lie on your sides. If you were with problems, then you might feel pain or soreness inside you. Some who might be allergic to contrast dye would end up vomiting or feel dizzy.

It was by far the most painful exam I have ever had. I didn't have allergic reaction over the dye, but I felt so much pain on my ovaries areas. It turned out that I was in much more trouble than I expected.

2009. 7 .17 3-D Sonagraphy

When I was transfered back to NTUH. I knew I needed to receive a surgery to get rid of Mullerian anomaly. However, to make sure what kind I was; I was told to get a few tests for assurance. That's why I got the HSG! On July 17th, I was arranged to receive a 3-D sonagraphy to confirm my anomaly. They needed to triple checks from different dimensions before the surgery. Of course, it's better being careful than being regreful. I was trying my best to stay patient the whole time. Dr. Yang told me the result from my HSG test, it all came up clear that the failure of being conceived may not have been with my anomaly but my fallopian tubes.
Bilateral blockage, the Hydrosalpinx.

When I walked out of the consulting room, I couldn't help sheding tears calling my hubby and told him the sad news.

I wasn't submerged in sadness for long! One was, I couldn't resist anticipating the possible way out of the marriage bondage. Thinking it might have been my ticket back on the train to single land. ( Only God knows how terrible it is to be a man-wife in Taiwan) Then, I picture my bright future pursuing my PHD but might end up living my rest entirely alone by myself. Nuh~~
Well... I was soon recovered to normal me. Of course, I was getting Metroplasty for sure because who knew if my present marriage doesn't work I won't be having my second Mr. Right?

Anyway, on July 17th. I was told to visit again when my cycle began. The operation needed to be perform right after the period.

2009. 8. 10

Visited Dr. Y for the acurate date.

2009. 8. 13-15 Hysteroscopic Metroplasty

The surgery was set on Aug. 14th. I needed to check in a day earlier for some preparations.
I'll post aother for the details.
I was in the hospital for 2 days and half. The surgery took much longer than expected. I was in there for an hour and half.

2009. 8. 17

First re-checkup. The scar was healing up all right! Doctor told me that why I was in the operation longer than expected.
The septum that grew in the middle of my uterus was not only longer than the cases he had before but also much thicker. That's the reason why some other physicians failed to discover I had 2 cavaties in my uterus. When they inserted the camera, the stick usually just went into one part and mistaken the half part of it to be the whole.
I wondered how well they were trained to fail noticing the size of my uterus. When they thought the half of me to be the whole, hadn't it occured to them that the size they saw on the monitor was smaller than the sizes they usually spotted?
Anyhow, to be more specific, the septum Dr. Yang removed from me was like a solid concrete wall that made two compartment inside my uterus. He suggested that I visited 2 more time in case of serious scar tissue adhesion. If the wound healed up too bad, the scar part will affect the function of carrying a baby too.

2009. 8 .17

The following checkup to cut open the ugly scar tissue

2009. 8.24

Dr. told me my wound was healing up beautifully. I was happy to hear that, but I wasn't all too surprised by it. I had car accident before and there are a few scars on my face and legs. The left scars were all hard to notice.

2009. 8. 31

Final Checkup~~~ I was told to visit one last time after the coming period.

2009. 9. 14

Case closed !! I am 100 % normal now. Also, the entire summer vacation was gone.