Getting prepared for the upcoming Summer!

The second semester is coming to the end and my second IVF is about to begin soon. After the first fail, I realized I wasn't brave nor optimistic~~I still remember the very last time I gave prayer to God and somehow, after I deliverd my speech, I felt like a-balloon-let-go. At that moment I felt my GOD wasn't with me~~

That's so scary and from then, I haven't yet been able to bring up the courage to step into the temple to lit up a candle.

Saying that, after 3 months of rest and reboost, with that ticking clock tailing behind my back, I pressed down the button making appoitnment with my doctor this morning inquiring the second round.

I asked about the tube-cutting surgery, the blood test results from the last time process which I had never been informed of and several small questions; such as, "How much can caffeine affect?" "How long should one stay in bed?" "How serious can retroverted U's effect to the egg placement?"
"Should I take this Vita or that?"

No,no,no,no....were the answers to the above.
My hormone blood tests were fine! The only big problem that needs to be fixed is my tubes.
The retroflexed U causes no impact whatsoever.
Caffeine determines nothing! One cup of coffee a day won't chip your baby away.
So, I have no plan in changing my tea habit.

That's rather strange because many dicussions from forums of infertility in Taiwan strongly recommend caffeine-free pregnancy, organic food diet.

Before I went, I maneuvered the conversation and the questions. I thought about getting the surgery first, so I could remove the factor that might jeopardise the foetus.

I read from a book saying that hydrosalpinge lower the chance of IVF, while the ratio of successful IVF only reaches 20-30%.

It seems wiser to cut the tubes first, but to cut them off is like cutting of all hope of motherhood.

Ah~~~it is so tough!!