After Laparoscopy

It has been 3 weeks after the surgery. The after-surgery care instruction mentioned that it takes about 4-6 weeks to recover fully. So, I still avoid lifting anything above 6 pounds, including my beloved dog. The incision wounds on my belly healed quickly after about a week and I didn't suffer much of the after-effects the nursed mentioned. I only felt a bit sore around my throat because of the anesthesia. Other than that, I didn't feel the shoulder pain they told me I would have.

The body surface recovers well on me. Only some twinges still occur from time to time! I guess it takes more time to heal inside.

After the tapes were removed, I got to see how the wounds are like. If I stand in front of the mirror, the incision on my navel is hardly seen. Only that my navel was shallower then, now my belly button seems deeper.

The 2 incisions on the sides, on the other hand, are much more obvious. From the whole, they are rather small comparing with the fatty belly I have. But when I look at them from a sitting position, they simply reveal the ugliness.

Because the ectopic P was on the left, the scar on my left side was bigger. The scar tissue healed off as a round and bean-like shape. I hate to touch because I would have the urge to scratch it.

The right one is much smaller and narrower, but still feel bumpy in hand touch.
The worst thing is they are not on the levarage. One is higher than the other one!

What if I want to wear bikini and one scar is not inside the cover?
I guess the doctors don't care about this issue~~ My doctor didn't even think I needed to use any cosmetic tape. They have absolutely no idea how important it is to women to have no scars.

One thing that I think is good is my belly fat~

When I received my first IVF treatment, I needed to give myself shots on my belly. I was pretty happy that I had fat around the belly. Because I didn't feel much pain, the needle could only reach the fat level under the skin.
If I were someone thinner with no fat. I guess it would have caused lots of pain into the muscle.

This time, the incisions after laparoscopy, I was thankful again to my belly fat.
Because my belly was so round and fatty, I didn't feel much tearing pain when I walked or moved.

The fat probably stuck together automatically right after the operation was performed. The fat might have been so sticky that it left no room and so the skin could have healed so quickly.

I hope I can feel better soon from inside and have my normal life back. Walking my dog .....etc.