I have been telling friends, coworkers and clients about my dreams. Sometimes I will talk to my clients about their dreams in class and try to figure out if they also have colorful dreams like I do.

Many of my friends, have heard me talking about my dreams, but perhaps not the same one because I always have vivid and weird dreams.

This year is the year of Dog. I have been having dogs in my dreams.
Big Labs, puppy labs. Golden Retrievers and even puppies of Old English Shepherd. Those dogs in my dreams were all so friendly and nice. (I think, it is because I really like dogs)

Although, I have dream of many kinds of animals, but long time ago, I only had 'snakes' in my dreams.

There were snakes for different sizes and colors. I am surprised myself to still remember those snake dreams so clearly up until now.

One time, I had this enormous white snake in my dream, it was so big that I could only see its gigantic head. It was dying somehow.

The other time, I dreamt walking in a small alley. There were sparkling, rainbow color snakes zig-zag through and across from nowhere and they scared me to death. I walked down the alley with terror and was afraid to be bitten.

The most scary of the snake dream was----- I was walking down to a swimming pool and was already half in the water, then I saw a red-eye, green snake swam quickly toward me. It jumped onto my right arm and circled my arm with its tail and bit me to bleed. I could even feel the intensive pain in dream and I cired out and woke up.

Yes...yes... I kow that from Freudian interpretation about dreams. Snake represents Phallus symbol. Ever since, my coworker tole me about that with the mock, I stopped having snakes in my dream.

Recently, I dreamt about the resentful animal, rats. There were a bunch of them running off a house in a hurry. They also were white with red eyes.

My favorite animal in dreams were 'horses'
I had two dreams about horse.
One was a dream with many mini black horses stood in circle. Very cute one with furry hair.

My beloved one was a big, smart handsome whie horse. I was on its back walking on a path. Actually we were sort of flying because the road was in the sky. The horse was trying to cross to another path next and I was afraid to fall off its back. When it succeed crossed onto another path, I was so happy and pat him on his head saying: "You're so smart!"
When we got to where we were going, I jumped out of its back, not from the sides but from its behind. Weird, huh.........

Talking about weird one, this one was weird.
I swam in the ocean, enjoying the blue color so much with sun shone up upon me. Then I saw a palm tree floating with the flow and an animal sank under water beside the tree. I dived in and....... it was an elephant.
Yes.... I saw an elephant in the ocean. I thought it was a whale. No.....an elephant~~`

Why did I bring up my dream again?

Well..... I had this same dreams 3 times. I mean, so far there were 3 of them.
Not exactly the same, it was more like episode to episode. It progressed a bit every time.
I never had this kind of dream before. It is a sensation with uneasiness~~~
I am not ready to tell it yet.