Higher Expense with Lower Income

Living here in Taiwan is getting harder and harder each year. With incredibly high college entrance rate up to 90% this year. It is firmer to believe that having a Master Degree isn't a guarantee to a better future. It cose more and more to live a standard life, but when the prices go up and up, the only thing that never raise is the salary. The average salaray that a univesity-graduated person gets now is the same as the one got 10 years ago.
The depression of the economy of the society is so great that developes the unbelivable social phenomena. People pamper themselves more for the pressure from works and which cause them to put up more debt and push some of them to kill themselves along with their kids or even the whole family. (it's happening every day somewhere in Taiwan) The rich people are getting richier and the poor people are getting poorer.
The birth rate goes lower and lower each year. Because young people can't afford the children and somewhat reluctant to share their lives with babies to drag down their living qualities. Only the foreign brides from Indonesia, China and Vietnam are helping with the baby-producing, however, due to the language and culture differences, the education for these young offspring are suffering from some difficulties fitting into schools.
Taiwanese women don't wan to put themselves in the positions of sacrificing roles in the families and demand more to keep up with fashion or career instead of keeping their hearts on their children.
The politics in Taiwan now is chaotic that people are raising money to urge President in Taiwan to step down from his sovereignty because his wife and son in law are in money scandals. There will sure to be a political commotion soon if the President did step down from his position. (Perhaps this is the reason why the US military increases his force on Guam and Okinawa or even Korea)
Who knows what's gonna happen if the President was overthrowed by the people? Will China take us over? They've always wanted to do that? Though many of us think that they would take us over by frustrating our ecomony, however, the situation now in Taiwan doesn't seem to need their effort of any kind but watching us corrupting. Anyway, it is sure that US government would never allow that to happen because Taiwan is like a partition between China and America.
Well.....what is my point here?????
I'm not trying to being political here, I am not a professional. Or to complain, either.
I am just thinking over the many questions that my friends and I talked about.
I've mentioned here on my blog that eversince I finished my thesis, people talked to me about my future career plan.
I think, that is something I need to face sooner or later. (I think I only have a few months to think it over, to change or not to change)
I do enjoy myself right now. I think, I've been working my ass out these past weeks. I need to teach 5-6 hours a day with full strength speaking non-stop, talking my throat out and tell you what, that's not easy. It is more tiring than people who work 8 hours in the office sitting at the computers.
But the good part is that I don't have a set-schedule and I don't have to get up so early, also that I get chances to talk and meet differnt people. It is fun somehow, to talk and chat with people about different topics.
I've been in this job for too long, I feel too secure to change. And afraid of changing or being too lazy to change is a fatally flaw for people in Taiwan.
This is a quick-change world here in Taiwan, if you thought slower and changed slower, you would definately ...........
The catch 22 situation here is that I can't bear to bury my head in the ground, pretending that my life is easy and feel content about my career and continue enjoying myself in the world of books and readings I enjoy so much. Nor could really bring myself up to face the difficulty I might have for the future.