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The story is about a man, before his departure to London, he ran into a female fortune teller telling him that his future was somewhere dark and deep and below. The incident was paid no attention by anyone included Richard, the protagonist. One day, years after the prediction, Richard saved a dirty wounded girl on the street and there began his unbreakable fate with her and her underworld below London.

This is the sort that always attract me. I enjoy reading the adventurous stories and thinking ahead what might happen to the characters in the stories. This one isn't bad, though it moves in a slow temple but finally, the story comes to an end and the ending is pretty satisfying.

I bought this one on Feb.2, 2008. I was atrracted to the plot and considered to purchase it several times before I finally did. But I didn't finish it. Usually it takes me only a week or so to finish a novel.
The first few chapters were great, I couldn't stop reading! I was forced to leave it behind because we were on the holiday for New Year. Then, it was left there untouched for weeks. I tried to read more, but found it difficult to continue. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough or that the story was too controversial to wait for the ending. I jumped to the very end to find out the ending! The protagonist died.....Sad...
I am sure, I will pick where I left one day.

Purchase date: Dec. 6, 2007.
It was about a little boy who was kidnapped by a group of "changelings," the child-like ancient genies. Those changelings needed to kidnap kids and changed their souls with them. So they lived the lives of the kids they kidnapped and the kids became changelings, living in the child-like bodies that would never grow old or aged. Henry, the little boy became a changeling and had been trying hard to get his identity back. In the meantime, the one who stole Henry''s body had working hard on how not to let the family found out the truth. Time passed, years went by, The identities were formed and everything was irrecoverable.
It was an interesting story. I was hoping that the boy would get his body and identity back. But he didn't. At the end, he chose to live in his "Changeling" identity forever.

The book is like telling us that even we are not who we are to others. People would just expect us to be the ones they thought we were!

Purchase date: Nov. 3, 2007
Strongly recommend this book. The plot was so exciting and fascinating! The mysterious, puzzled narration drove me digging deeper until the moment the answers revealed!
It was about a famous author who kept a dark, secretive past. Although she was known as the great Vida Winter, but no single one knew her real identity. Until one day, she decided to tell the truth about her past and asked a young biographer, Margaret Lea to write her memoir.
It was the time, when every clue fell into the place where it ought to be!
A story about Twins and Twins' love.
To us, non-twin. It is about the unreachable half that we may be loning for or searching for the entire life.

Purchase date: Aug. 10, 2007.
Didn't finish this one, either!
The narrator was the Death itself. It drew my attention at the beginning. Thinking when it was going to take away this little girl's life, or how special was she that she could always skip its fatal hand.
I think, it is because the book is in the wartime. Things in the wartime are very depressing!
Like " My sister's keeper" The background is about sickness, disease. Of course, it trys to convey something bigger than that. The whole atmosphere was just so suffocating~~~

Besides, my interest in novels, I've always wanted to read more books about theories. I enjoy the moment when I figure out the great philosophical ideas. But it takes too much time and I can't really enjoy the flow of the narration in the books. So....well... got to try harder!!

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