It is a bless

My mother-in-law sent us a big box of fish by express today. The amount of fish was never able to be consumed by only two mouths in the household. I think, it might need 10 people to consume them all. So, I asked my husband to call a few friends and gave some away.
It was better that way, not just to keep the freshness but also could avoid wasting food.

Now, everything costs higher price! Never heard anyone got any raise, no increase in the family income. But the prices of all kinds go higher and higher.

It is a bless that I am married to this family whose business is catering. There is always food supply around. Of course, the cost of the business is higher now. But my mother-in-law trys to save the food expense by growing vegetables herself or picking the left over farm goods from the kind farmers.

Farmers only pick the better quality crop for sale. They leave the ugly-looking to rot or they share with neighbors. That's why my mother-in-law is always busy going to different farms for food.

Everytime, we goes back to Yun-lin or that we meets somewhere else. My mother-in-law will dispatch food around to sons and daughters.
Peanuts, sweet potatoes, green oninon, cilantro, pickled clams, fresh clams, fish, more fish, carrots, cabbages, vege-unknown........and more.

Maybe that's why I can never lose weight. Too busy consuming and digesting the food.
I have to cook often to digest them as well.
I won't complain it!
Sometimes, I can even bring some to my parents.
My dad loves the peanuts from Yun-lin. He never gets tired of it.
One time, my mom even complained that I didn't take more peanuts of what my mom-in-law had offered me to take.

The fish which arrived today was from our own fish tanks in Yun-lin. My hubby's family owns two fish tanks keeping clams. In order to feed the clams natural food. They also need to keep other creatures at the same time. So, there are milkfish, fish A and fish B. Sometimes, crabs too.
Sometimes, shrimps as well.

It is quite funny! Ours fish tanks are next to other neighbors' , so sea creatures pay visits to each other's homes. That's how we get shrimps or crabs sometimes !! Ha......

I am blessed and I should cherish what I have.

My hubby's family is very different from mine.
I can't remember much of how I've grown through it!
More judgemental, critical memories were left inside me, I guess!
I admire Angus' family for living a freer-minded life.
Perhaps they aren't well-educated and they all work as blue-collars, but they are all contented with their lives and children.
I can't imagine kissing my hubby freely while being with my parents or in the fmaily reunion.
But with them, that is just a natural act. Teasing each other and ask around who is the best in bed. Making fun of their parents!
Maybe all these are a bit vulgar and low in other's eye, but it is not oppressive to one's emotion.