What's Next ???

My best friend is back in Taiwan visiting family and friends. I am delighted to see her again for the first time after she got married. I wasn't able to attend her wedding in States 2 years ago and so was she, couldn't come home for my wedding party this Jan..
Amazingly on how our lives have changed, we are married women now.

Before women step into marriages, the favorite-talk-about are either boyfriends or works. After women get married, "having babies" becomes the only topic around!!

I've constanly been asked about this ever since I got married and for God's sake I am now only being married for not even 3 months. Wherever I go, I got asked about "When are you going to have babies? Do you plan to have one this year? It costs a lot to have one these days, but doesn't his family want that? Afterall he is the elder son in the family..... blah blah blah"

Of course, I have thought about this. It is indeed much more expensive to raise a baby nowadays. Also, I am frightened to think of the life with a baby around. Still, it is inevitable in my marriage to have one eventually !

Well, I am really sick of this question now. ( My period is 8 days late now ! Out of stress, I guess)

I think, every baby is a special gift from the GOD. They will come its way to me~~I don't want to push it too hard to spoil it!

Nevertheless, I am happy to see my best friend home again. We've known each other for almost 18 years since I was 13. She is one of the few friends I kept all these years.
People come and go and so are friends. You have different groups of friends in different periods of time~ I make friends easily but I lose them as well when I move on to the next stage of life.

My best friend, Piggy is different. After all these years in State, living our lives apart in distance. She didn't change much! We talked and we laughed and it brought back all the good memories we had shared before. Easy-going, not manipulative, mellow and nice. (Perhaps, that's why this friendship lasts for so long, I am more manipulative and domineering and is a control-freak. heheheheh~~~) She is only home for a week and I got her for only one day.

She said we should visit her in States. I want that of course. Piggy and her husband bought a house in SC, I should visit her soon before I get pregnant and before my US visa get expired ~~ definately ~~

I am planning on getting a license recently, and my book is coming up soon, also I am checking the doctoral programs now.

Gosh.....busy busy busy......May God give me strength !

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