Let's Say....佛不是佛,你也不是你....萬物皆空

There is a book entitled, "其實,佛不是佛, 你也不是你" in the book market. I never read the book, nor will I ever want to. But I do like the title of the book a lot. The line attracts me as much as the words,"萬物皆空" as well~~
These two lines are apparently representing the philosophical wisdom of life. They are, indeed.

I am not a very religious-practiced person myself, although I grew up in a family whose hostess devoted herself plenty in pursuing the spiritual peacefulness from Taoism.

But I love to explore the meanings of life, enjoy understanding the philosophical theories and hate to see those theories being made into certain religious norms. Ironically, that's how and where one can obtain the knowledge.

Anyway, back to the line of my title.

I put that on my post because I am telling myself to relax and let go of the obsession in my brain.
I am leaving everything that troubles me in GOD's hand.

Cast the spell: " I am not me. The trouble is not the trouble. The trouble isn't mine, I don't have the trouble."

Cheers to the beauty of life~~~~~Huray.

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