At the End, So Much of It Turns not to Matter.

I am not just a book nerd who enjoys reading the mysterious, romantic and adventurous stories.
I am also a movie goer who loves to pick out those others have left untouched.
This movie "Evening" is a very very good movie that I'd like to share with whoever you are that is reading this post.

Of course, I am attracted to many of the commercial movies. But what gets me most is the one that connotes more than it shows.

"Evening" is one of those that moves me deep in heart. It express out what people might have needed to consume thier lifetime to realize. A microcosm that holds the key to the secret of life from women's pespectives~~~

The other two should be watched all together. The Hours, and Madison County

These 3 movies are all about WOMEN~~ About mothers / mothers and daughters/ passionate love that sparkles but not staying / Men and Men and Men's affection.

One similar story has been told from these 3 movies. Which is something like-----

A married woman who questions herself for her choice of marriage and unsures wheather she has been a good mom to her children or not and wonders what her life would be if she chose the star of her life. The one that ever has sparkled and leaves a burning mark on her heart that never fades away. The endings to all these 3 movies are all smiliar~~~

That....... life, one has had is whole and fulfilled. No regret is left behind because there isn't such a thing to be called mistake when it comes to one's life.

Life completes itself in a way that will always leaves something behind, even if you can't see it or be aware of it. That's what life is like and how it is. Though, you would have to have spent your life searching for it and still thought you could have had something better beyond your reach.

And.....it clicks and closes

There are times that I feel I am living my life backward.
Don't know how it occures to me.~~ Living backward. Flashback to the begginning when life is simple and pure