Speak Up Now or Never !

Every couple has arguments sometimes, My hubby and I are no exception as well.
I certainly have no problems in getting my opinions across.
I express myself loud and clear and make sure he bears it in mind.

I think I am pushy, maybe a bit bossy to in other's eye. But, I think, it is healthier that way.

Definately, there were times, I found it difficult to express my mind and each time, I regreted so hard afterwards. So, whenever my hubby and I have inconsistencies, I will remind myself in heart that speak up now orelse the chance will never come back ~~

Some experts believe that if women keep their opinions oppressive, it will be more likely for them to suffer from melancholia and hence, they encourage women to speak up their minds more often. Theory as it says it should be though, still doesn't reflect much of the reality in our lives.

Two recent incidents in newspapers reported women who suffered under either domestic violence or life restraint.

The news in Taiwan reported a 22-year-old married woman who had been abused by her mother-in-law for nearly 5 years in her marriage eversince she got married. The whole thing was uncovered because this young woman was beaten to unconsciousness. The domestic violence caused a riot to her hometown. The furious neighbors of hers supported her by protesting at the police station for justice not to be served.

The other news was from Texas, USA, where exists a polygamist community that forced 13, 14, year-old teenage girls to get married with old men aged above 50 years old.

The news said this religious community used religion power to manipulate the thinkings of kids.
They talked kids into believing the outside world was immoral and unethical that would corrput their souls and got them shut out from the paths to the heaven.

It is g-o-d d-a-m-n ridiculous ~~~absurd~~~morbid~~~twisted mind..........

Those poor children, mostly girls were controled by their so-called spiritual leader and only saw making babies to be their values in lives.

These news are so sad ~~~

How can women be treated like this?
why is this still happening to women around the world.
This is modern 21st century.

Feminists from academic fields are teaching our young women to think differently and take actions to alter the situations. To open up the diversifications for women.

That's what I am always interested in.

The reality we encounter still, is not perfect enough or any fitting to perform what we've learned in school.
This is infuriating~~~ It makes me feel so powerless ~~

I can't stop wondering if the world would ever reach the equal state for both males and females?

Would it, afterall, restrict only in feministic theories ? Never able to be carried out in action?

Would us, who believe in feministic mottos have double standards over our minds and real lives?

Sometimes, I think I do~~double standard toward my life and my ideal.

I let my hubby makes the living for the family and take it for granted. Because laziness has taken the willpower out of me~~
This is a lame excuse I know. But I am seeking my way out now, I need time.
I'd never stopped working in my life, until 8 months ago.
To be more accurate, I am working right now, only as a part-timer and the living is poorly scarce to support my expence. That's all.

Moreover, isn't my hubby supposed to be the one who should be supporting me through every life obstacles like the wedding vow says?

I will, soon enough snap out of this muddy situation and get my butt up for a decent amount of money.

What should women need to face the pressure of getting pregnant, working decent jobs and being independent all at the same time? Why?

Whining is passive~~~I am only venting for my health sake.