Ginger, the AUTHOR. Yap ! Tha's right !

The draft cover
My books, there are totally 5 of them for the author.
The front.
The back.
Although, I haven't actively taken action on pursuing my PH.D yet. I think, the goal has moved a step forward with a new title that definately will be listed on my resume, the AUTHOR.
Ginger, Huei-Chen Yang, the author of the book, "Women's freedom of Choice in Marge Piercy's Three Women."
This out-of-blue fortune happened on an email I received one day this February while I was browsing carelessly on the internet. The one who wrote the email said she was an assistant researcher from a German publisher, she said my thesis matched their planned object and asked me if I would be interested in publishing my thesis.
I was stunned for a moment, tried to read it the second time and I cried out loud~~
The pressure was released through the cry of me and accompanied with tears and uncontrollable shiver. It was so overwhelmed and took me minutes to calm myself down~~
After calming down, I started to think it might be too good to be true. How would I be the one while there were hundreds of thousands graduate, post-graduate students out there with their thesis coming out every minute in the world, especially when many of them whose mother tongue was English and might have gottten upper hands in being chosen.
Why ME???
Would it be an international scam ?
But it didn't make much sense~Why bother spending energy on a nobody far away in Taiwan from Germany?
So, the first thing I did was calling my cousin in Germany, telling her the good news, asking if she would help me by requesting her husband to confirm the authenticity of the publisher for me.
At the same time, I replied the email saying that I was highly interested in knowing more about the detail.
The publisher said there would be no charge for publishing my thesis, but there were conditions and terms about the cut I would get in the future.
I called my professor right away after the reply and consulted her to see whether it was a good idea to let the publisher publish my book. In fact, at that time, I still needed to pass the editiorial censor. She would decide the possibility of the market potential.
I passed, and there began my way to my book-publishing.
Because it is a thriving publisher and are aggressively publishing the academic books. Their budget on the books are not that high. They provide an online system for all potentail authors to upload their information which will be made into book covers.
So, that was how it worked, I went online to key in the introduction of the book, the title, subtitle of the book even the author's short biography. I decided what I wanted to reveal.
That's interesting~~~ I even picked the color of my book, the designed photoshot.
The whole book- publishing event took nearly 3 months to accomplish.
I got my books few weeks ago. They are beautiful~~of course they are. Every part was decided by me.
I was trying to keep the news low until everything was finalized.
I still can't believe I have my own books now. Nothing changes in my life, still a nobody who wishes to have her dream come true one day. Hibernating now to store more knowledge and waiting for the chance to strike hard some day.

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Michael Lujan Bevacqua 提到...

Congratulations Ginger, on the book, the marriage. I've been reading your blog regularly, but sorry I haven't commented much.

I'm so jealous of you getting your thesis published!!