All Alone or Not, You Gotta Walk Ahead

As long as it is a good movie, it doesn't matter when you get to see it, right?
This one particular, I would say is a tear-jerker. So Melodramatic~~~ I cired my heart out while watching it at home with my hubby napping on the couch next to me. He isn't that romantic or any sensitive about delicate moves, but he is always there for me.

But........ here comes the "BUT" scary "BUT
The movie narration was pretty leaping at the first two scenes. The irrational fight with the steamy love-making afterward was somewhat cliche. I know how common it is to couples. It just isn't a new way of putting the set. Then, Gerry suddenly died~~He died~Jaw-dropping!!

So, I started clipping my toenails. I wasn't aware of how my toe nails were done. Because, before long, I started to shed tears~~~

From the Birthday Scene......To the end. Every mail Holly got had made me cry even harder~

I would say, it would be difficult for people to understand that sort of painful loss if they hadn't ever had that ridiculous, consuming love in their lives. Whether they got dumped or lost their love ones to the death could they understand the feelings of lingering in the limbo, being a living death.

The lines in the movie that I love the best was----- All alone or nor, you gotta walk ahead. The thing is, if we're all alone, then we're all together in that, too.

Yes, indeed. It is so true, is it not??

When I was 19, I had one love that was so consuming and ridiculous~~It took me 5 years to put myself together from my wandering soul. There were friends around me who listened. There were constant talks about the feelings. Story-telling to those who got in the same situations. Time passed and the timing came, that was how the closure was made~~~

Then, when I finally snapped out of it. I realized " things change through time, love changes as well, we are what we have to depend on. Especially, when the love isn't perfectly ended, standing on our feet is how you can move on from the wounds. "

Now, I am married. I love my hubby. This love relationship with him is just relaxed and comfortable, not tiring at all, not exactly consuming but I can still feel the heat. I sometimes tease and ask him about how sad he would be without me around or, on the other way around, on how sad I would definately be if he wasn't around. We all know in our hearts that it will be devastaing to lose each other. Because our love for each other is mutual and reciprocal. Of course, one day, when one of us needs to live without the other half, at least I would know how to face it.

Well....this movie was more than just love between couples. At the end of the movie, Holly's mom handed her the last mail from Gerry and told her how Gerry had made her cooperated with his antemortem plans. While handing Holly the mail, her mother told her it was time for her to make a closure. They talked about Holly's father, whom Holly barely knew much about. Holly's mom explained why she was so furious and against Holly's marriage with Gerry. She said, she was angry with herself for being so powerless letting her child going after the same path she once had been. Falling in love with a man whose characters reminded Holly's mom of her dad. It is needless to say that sometimes parents are not always right.