Believe Yourself, BRO~~~

My brother has been down for quite a while. I can't recall since when he started feeling moody.
He is upset about his love life, his unsettled future and family matters.

I can totally understand how he feels because I had been there years ago. When I was younger, when my love relationship failed me and I thought I would end up alone till I die.

When he talked about how he couldn't get the job he wanted and how unlucky he was, I was there listening and tried convincing him it would go away, telling him my own stories, how I had survived through the lows. Maybe I talked too much, and I shouldn't have done that. I should have just listened and let him vented all he wanted.

But I couldn't bare to see him got stuck in the mud and suffered the pain that one day he might find it worthless.

My younger brother is my only sibling, and thus, I care for him a lots~ We supported each other through many ups and downs, those hideous mood swings that disturbed us both from our mom.

Today, he went to psychic with my mom to ask about his future. He came back without any solutions~~ But he told me, he knew he had to believe himself and do what he thought was right to do. I was happy to hear this.~~ Afterall, our fates lie in our hands.

I had once written about the Psychic (Shaman) matter in my blog. This is common in Taiwanese culture. Before going to shrinks get accepted, people went to psychics for spiritual comforts,
trying to find ways out through supernatural power. Of course, it is only the therapeutic process that matteres!!

But one thing for sure is, never take the prediction too seriously unless it is something good.
Because postive energy accelarates the good thing to happen quicker but the negative one brings you down to the dead end infinitely~~

So far, I don't know what else I can do or say to help my bro. I'll probably repeat what I've already said.

Today, after calling him, I realized he was smart enough to see the situation.
I am sure, he will put himself together soon and moves on to the next step.
Nobody holds the key to the door you wish to enter, man~~~
You have all my best wishes ~~my dear bro.