Quest Begins

After removing my septum, I took a few months resting, didn't feel like hurry for IVF. Of course, commuting back and forth between work and home exhausted me so much. I didn't want to tire myself out, however, I did go to Chinese doctor for my adjustment. She is famous in the field of women problems, including infertility of course. It was always difficult to consult her for more than 5 minutes after hours of waiting because she had too many patients to see within only a few hours of consulting time.

I still managed to see her every 2 weeks, being patient in taking the bitter Chinese medicine 3 times a day. In the meantime, having constant aruguements with my husband about his smoking habit. Always in mood swings for TO DO or NOT TO DO? Never stopped wondering why I should be the one to sacrifice so much while he still thought quitting his habit wouldn't have helped much.

Sometimes he would lose it and said; it was me who had the problem. F**K him!! ( I could have chosen not to do it. But I did because I thought we were one and being one meant he should have put some efforts too, right? Besides, he knew before we got married that I couldn't be pregnant easily)

Anyhow, I quit going to Chinese doctor after a couple times, though she was pretty confident in unblocking my tubes, which I wasn't so convinced of. How can my hydrosalpinx situation be unwided, scientifically speaking!!

So, by the time I quit, it was getting nearer to my winter vacation and there went again my journey of hospital visits.

Dec. 13th, 2009

My cycle began, I knew it's time to make an appointment again to set into the IVF procedure.
So, I made an appointment in a close by hospital in Taoyuan, anticipating a possible chance of getting IVF near home. Otherwise, I would have to travel regularly to and fro to Taipei. (It takes about a hour one way)

Dec. 15th, 2009

Doc. Chiang, a super popular doc in Taoyuan for those mommy-to-be or wanted-to-be. He took a few second flipping through the med record I brought, suggesting me underwent aother surgery for re-confirmation. He also adviced for unblocking my tubes to see if that would have worked.

After walking out of the consulting room, I told my hubby I would go to Taipei to see Dr. Yang again. I just couldn't trust a doc whom I couln't discuss with.

Dec. 23th, 2009

In National Taiwan University Hospital again! Apparently I missed my Dec. chance for IVF.

The whole process should be started by the time my BBT curve goes higher, it means when my temperature goes into higher period, that is time I can start getting medication.

I didn't know that, so, by the time I saw Dr. Yang, I had to wait for 2 more weeks for the right timing.

I talked to him about my hydrosalpinx again, consulting whether getting another surgery to cut the tubes off is necessary. He said, it's hard to say if that would affect IVF. If the situation did affect the embryo after transfered, then I should re-consider removing them.

I spent nearly 30,000NT for the medication and brought them home waiting for the right timing to start. Also, right after seeing the doc., I went to a 3-hour training course for all IVF patients.

Jan. 4th, 2010

Maybe it was me feeling stressed or something, I didn't get higher temperature as I supposed to.

The curve was still at the lower end. So, I visited doc again.

I was told to wait a few more days for the upper end. Then I could go ahead for the nasal spray on the 7th day.

Jan. 6th 2010

My second year Wedding Anniversary. The way to celebrate it was to receive HIV and Syphilis tests. We didn't realize it was our wedding anniversary after we took the tests.

In the training course, it mentioned that in Taiwan, our government has strict laws for those couples who need IVF. We need to hand in the report to show we are STD free.

In the process, I will have my blood drawn on the 2nd day of my period, for both my hormone level and STD. My husband's too, of course.

But then it will take a whole week to find out the result. What should I have my mood pending for this while I had my whole mind thinking for the IVF.
So, we decided to find a clinic to have the test.

Certainly, the result came out the next day saying we were both STD free.

Jan 10th, 2010


Buserelin nasal spray, some kind of alternative treatment for hormone injection. It is a much easier method to inhale the hormone rather than putting a needle in tummy.

4 times a day on both sides , 4-6 hours in between. It should be applied when you are told to stop.

Jan 19th, 2010

Spotting began, calling the reproductive medical center for the next day test.

Jan 20th, 2010

Got up early in the morning, took a 45-minute train to Taipei main station, got on the subway. Reported to the reproductive center on 9th floor. Handed in the STD report, ID, ID copies.

They had to make sure we were married to each other. Filled in some forms. Reported again to the blood-drawing center.
Beared in mind that I needed to call at 6 pm for the next step.


Cut down the dose on Supremom. From now, 4 times a day, one side at a time.
225IU Gonal-F injection should be applied every day at 8 pm, started on 21st.

( Why 8 pm? At the training, they said, giving us a certain time to follow cuts down the worries for some women to feel distraught on when to do what)

Jan 21st, 2010

Angus promised to be home as earlier as he could manage to help me with my injection. I knew it was quite impossible because of the traffic. I was mentally prepared to do it myself if he couldn't have made it

At 8:00 pm

he called and said he would be late and asked if it would have been much different if I performed it later. I guess not. I said: " I'll wait!"

At 8:30 pm

He walked in to see I had prepared the needle pen and all. He wanted to help, but I said no.
Because he couldn't be with me every night at 8. I said I would do it myself with him watching.
I checked the label for 225 IU, hooked up the needle, open the alcohol swap and sterilize the part under my naval button. Pull the safety click.

Took a deep breath, punch in the needle. click the needle pen....one, two, three, four. wait for 10 seconds, pull it up.
Some blood gush out of the hole. I screamed~~~ pressed it hard with another alcohol swap.
I DIDN'T cry!! Felt released to do it though.

(I was too nervous, so accidently rubbed it and left bruise)

Jan 21st--Jan 24th, 2010 / Thursday-Sunday

Gonal-F shots for 4 days

Supremom, 4 times a day

Needed to return to hospital on Monday

Jan 25th--26th, 2010 / Monday-Tuesday

Ultrasound + Blood test ( I had many follicles)

Continued 225 IU for Gonal-F / Supremom

Report to the hospital on Wednesday

Jan 27th--28th, 2010 / Wednesday-Thursday

Ultrasound + Blood test ( My doc thought my follicles were growing too slow. I asked why? Had it to do with caffeine. I drink tea a lot. He said No. It was because of the numbers of follicles I had)

Gonal-F as usual, stopped Supremom

Returned on Friday

Jan 29th, 2010 / Friday

Ultrasound + blood test (still too small, so they added another kind of injection)

Gonal-F 225 IU

Luveris 75 IU.

Jan 30th-31st ,2010 / Saturday-Sunday

Received my forth ultrasound this week. My vein was poked for blood test the 4th time within 7 days.

Feb 1st, 2010

Many of follicles had reached the standard sizes. I was told to check in on Wednesday for collecting eggs.