My first surgery

Back in August, 2009

In order to get the best result, the Septoplasty is normally done a few days after the menstrual period. Right after the surgery, the doctor will place an balloon inside the uterus to prevent the tissue scars. 3 days later, the first time follow-up visit is needed, doc will remove the balloon and after another 7 days, it comes the better time to remove any scarring occured. Usually one follow-up visist for the scarring removing is neccessary. Then, the last follow-up visit needs to be waited until the next cycle ends. This is the whole process !!
Mine goes a bit longer then normally expected!!It's because I have been having irregular period since the beginning of 2009. I didn't know when my flow would arrive in August. This shouldn't have been an problem, since the new semester in college won't started until the mid Sep. I knew, I had plenty of time to recover myself.The thing is, in Taiwan, we have ghost month every lunar July. It was coming near while I was waiting for my irregular period to pay its visit. Our traditional taboo is avoiding making any big decisions relates to life matters in lunar July, the ghost month. Nothing is auspiciou in this month!! My mom was worried sick, of course!! But my situation left me no ability to do anything about it. It kept me waiting until Aug. 7th. I couldn' t see the doc. until the 10th and the doctor didn't want me to miss the best timing, he fitted me into a 3-day hospitalization program, started on 13th.There weren't so many things to do on the first day.
I was told to check in the hospital in the early morning for blood test, urine test, X-ray, EKG first. Then, I needed to report to the Inpatient Admission. The nurse who was in charged, took my blood pressure to make sure I wasn't too nervous about the surgery the next day and asked me to fill out different forms which asked pretty much the same questions over and over. She keyed in my medical history into her laptop to build up the data, then dutifully, she remined me of a prepare-patient-before-and-after-surgery course at 2 pm that same day.It was my first surgery in my life time. I was pretty struggled before it, but after some researches, online discussions. I had prepared myself well enough to face it and when the time I was in the hospital, nothing seemed to be too big a deal.My husband took 2 days off to show his support. Thanks to his playful personality, we were chatting merrily for something else, relaxed ourselves sitting on the adjustable bed, reading magazines, eating snacks.The resident and my atteding doctors paied me visit later in the evening. The atteding prepared me by placing "Laminaria" on my cervix. I felt sored and bit painful all night once it was placed. That's normal, they said. The resident scared me by putting a soft needle on my hand for tomorrow!! It was awful because I could feel the needle went ups and downs under my thin skin.
That were all for the first day. I wasn't supposed to eat anything or drink anything after midnight and I think, that was the biggest torture in the whole experience. On 14th, they had arranged to have 65-67 operations and I was the last 2 or 3. It means that I had to wait until noon to get the surgery. I was starved for 12 hours before the surgery. When it was finally my turn, the nurse wheeled me down to the room. My husband started getting panic, so instead of saying something comfort to me, he said; "good-bye hon" before I was wheeled in.
In that metallic, cold surgery room, I realized having deep myopia wasn't totally a bad thing. When I couldn't see clear in the room, I wasn't so nervous. They hooked up those medical equips on me. Just under a few second, Boom, I was under anesthesia.
When I finally came to, it was already 4:00 pm in the afternoon. I thought, the procedure took only 30 minutes, plus the time in the recovery room. Perhaps it would have taken only 2 hours or so.
So, the time I got back my hearing in the recovery room, listening to the nurses talking their plans after their shifts, I was surprised to hear it was 4 and wondered: "What! Already 4? What took it so long? What happened to me?"
Around 4:30 or so, I opened up and wanted to drink water so much. There went my next 12 hours throwing-up. I was suffered in the serious side-effect of the anesthesia. I had thrown up everything I tried to swallow. Juice, pudding, water, porridge.
The good thing about everything was, I didn't feel much pain afterward. It wasn't like a bad period or feeling the cut wound or anything. Just mild bloated.

The hardest thing was to hold on to that balloon inside me. Because there was a bag, collecting blood attached to it. So, the bag was dangling outside. I had to be very careful when I moved to avoid yanking the balloon out. The doc said, it was crucial that the balloon stayed in for 3 days to prevent the scarring. Otherwise, I might get a second surgery.
I checked out the hospital on 15th and went back to my parents'. The most difficult 3 days started. I was either lying on the bed or sofa, carrying the bag carefully, thinking about 3 days.
All I needed to watch out was only 3 days. First day passed, second day passed, BOOM~~~
On the 3rd day, when the follow-up visit was just 12 hours away. The thing came off!!
I was screaming in the bathroom! Thinking all my hard work, every step I had patiently followed and thing just slipped out.
It wasn't balloon-like at all. It was more like a marble. I thought the balloon shrank or something. I called the nurse for help and she got me the on-duty doc. She told me not to worry about it and I should wrap it up and bring it to my attending doc the next morning.
Well... that was unnecessary!! My attending just said:" It always slips out easily!" At least, I tried to hold it in for 2 days and half. That was enough.
I recovered well so far after 2 times follow-ups. When I returned for the 1st follow-ups. The doctor told me the reason why I was under the surgery longer.
My septum wasn't only longer, which extended to the upper end of my vagina But the doc already knew that when I received the 3-D ultrasound. When he excercised the operation, he found out it was thicker than the cases he had before.
So, when he thought he could had done it within 30 minutes, instead, he spent 1 and half hours to remove it.
I am thankful for his carefulness!! I didn't have the terrible scarring in me, so when I returned for the 2nd follow-up. I didn't have to bleed again, nothing was necessary to be removed.
The 1st diffculty conquered~~~~~~~~hurray~~~~
There are still problems to solve from my Hydrosalpinx. IVF to come~~
I think, everything will be all right! Seeing many who share the same situations out there, knowing that already many of you have succeeded in MOMMY-HOOD.
I am sure, I will soon be a mom TOO~~~Go Girls.~~~~Nothing is impossible!!!
P.S The only benefit I get is, now I don't feel thing get inbetween when I put in the tampon.