What's Next ???

My best friend is back in Taiwan visiting family and friends. I am delighted to see her again for the first time after she got married. I wasn't able to attend her wedding in States 2 years ago and so was she, couldn't come home for my wedding party this Jan..
Amazingly on how our lives have changed, we are married women now.

Before women step into marriages, the favorite-talk-about are either boyfriends or works. After women get married, "having babies" becomes the only topic around!!

I've constanly been asked about this ever since I got married and for God's sake I am now only being married for not even 3 months. Wherever I go, I got asked about "When are you going to have babies? Do you plan to have one this year? It costs a lot to have one these days, but doesn't his family want that? Afterall he is the elder son in the family..... blah blah blah"

Of course, I have thought about this. It is indeed much more expensive to raise a baby nowadays. Also, I am frightened to think of the life with a baby around. Still, it is inevitable in my marriage to have one eventually !

Well, I am really sick of this question now. ( My period is 8 days late now ! Out of stress, I guess)

I think, every baby is a special gift from the GOD. They will come its way to me~~I don't want to push it too hard to spoil it!

Nevertheless, I am happy to see my best friend home again. We've known each other for almost 18 years since I was 13. She is one of the few friends I kept all these years.
People come and go and so are friends. You have different groups of friends in different periods of time~ I make friends easily but I lose them as well when I move on to the next stage of life.

My best friend, Piggy is different. After all these years in State, living our lives apart in distance. She didn't change much! We talked and we laughed and it brought back all the good memories we had shared before. Easy-going, not manipulative, mellow and nice. (Perhaps, that's why this friendship lasts for so long, I am more manipulative and domineering and is a control-freak. heheheheh~~~) She is only home for a week and I got her for only one day.

She said we should visit her in States. I want that of course. Piggy and her husband bought a house in SC, I should visit her soon before I get pregnant and before my US visa get expired ~~ definately ~~

I am planning on getting a license recently, and my book is coming up soon, also I am checking the doctoral programs now.

Gosh.....busy busy busy......May God give me strength !


Alzheimer's Disease----Memories of Tomorrow

There is no second-run movie theater around the place I live. So I start going back to Blockbuster for films. Of course, from time to time, we still go to the movie theater to enjoy the big screen. As long as they are good, it doesn't really matter where to view them!

I don't talk much about movies on my blog. It's because seeing movies has been my interest since I was a very young girl, maybe 6 or even earlier 5 years old. I can't live without them and besides, there are tons of movies to talk about in a variety of ascpects. Can't really make up my mind on which one is worthier than the other! Moreover, it might take a great mind and time to discuss the film I like.

This movies, however, stands out above all because the issue it's involved scares me and I think, it needs to be paid attention to ~~~~

The movie talks about a 50-year-old middle-aged white collar who works in advertising business, one day finds out he has the symptoms of Alzheimer. The disease, in general ideas, usually would be thought to happens on someone much older. The degeration progresses differently on different individuals. Some get worse quickly, some need years to get to the bottom.

This character in the movie, suffers the degenerative damages in only a few years time.
The degeneration functions so quick that he soon forget his beloved wife and lives in the memories in the past. How sad is that to forget your love one ??? Seeing your beloved one in the eye without the trace of you in her/is memory.

It scares the hell of me because, I do sometimes suffer the short-term amnesia out of tireness or lack of sleep. Of course, I think that is really no big deal and I may think too much, maybe??? No one knows what lays ahead of us, so cease the day as much while you can. Carpe Diem~~~~

Well, in the movie, the man keeps a diary while his memory is still with him. He tries to jot down the triviality, so he can still hold on to something that presents his life.

Writing a blog is a similar way to it !
I kept a few diaries before, in different ages. All were about the sentimental emotion I had !
I kept my annually schedules though, since 1994. Jotting down the events of everyday routine.
It might sound boring to some, but I think one day, my kids can share and follow my path to the past.

So, I am here, leaving words behind me. Carving marks to leave a trace of my existence.



It is a bless

My mother-in-law sent us a big box of fish by express today. The amount of fish was never able to be consumed by only two mouths in the household. I think, it might need 10 people to consume them all. So, I asked my husband to call a few friends and gave some away.
It was better that way, not just to keep the freshness but also could avoid wasting food.

Now, everything costs higher price! Never heard anyone got any raise, no increase in the family income. But the prices of all kinds go higher and higher.

It is a bless that I am married to this family whose business is catering. There is always food supply around. Of course, the cost of the business is higher now. But my mother-in-law trys to save the food expense by growing vegetables herself or picking the left over farm goods from the kind farmers.

Farmers only pick the better quality crop for sale. They leave the ugly-looking to rot or they share with neighbors. That's why my mother-in-law is always busy going to different farms for food.

Everytime, we goes back to Yun-lin or that we meets somewhere else. My mother-in-law will dispatch food around to sons and daughters.
Peanuts, sweet potatoes, green oninon, cilantro, pickled clams, fresh clams, fish, more fish, carrots, cabbages, vege-unknown........and more.

Maybe that's why I can never lose weight. Too busy consuming and digesting the food.
I have to cook often to digest them as well.
I won't complain it!
Sometimes, I can even bring some to my parents.
My dad loves the peanuts from Yun-lin. He never gets tired of it.
One time, my mom even complained that I didn't take more peanuts of what my mom-in-law had offered me to take.

The fish which arrived today was from our own fish tanks in Yun-lin. My hubby's family owns two fish tanks keeping clams. In order to feed the clams natural food. They also need to keep other creatures at the same time. So, there are milkfish, fish A and fish B. Sometimes, crabs too.
Sometimes, shrimps as well.

It is quite funny! Ours fish tanks are next to other neighbors' , so sea creatures pay visits to each other's homes. That's how we get shrimps or crabs sometimes !! Ha......

I am blessed and I should cherish what I have.

My hubby's family is very different from mine.
I can't remember much of how I've grown through it!
More judgemental, critical memories were left inside me, I guess!
I admire Angus' family for living a freer-minded life.
Perhaps they aren't well-educated and they all work as blue-collars, but they are all contented with their lives and children.
I can't imagine kissing my hubby freely while being with my parents or in the fmaily reunion.
But with them, that is just a natural act. Teasing each other and ask around who is the best in bed. Making fun of their parents!
Maybe all these are a bit vulgar and low in other's eye, but it is not oppressive to one's emotion.

Books Sharing

The story is about a man, before his departure to London, he ran into a female fortune teller telling him that his future was somewhere dark and deep and below. The incident was paid no attention by anyone included Richard, the protagonist. One day, years after the prediction, Richard saved a dirty wounded girl on the street and there began his unbreakable fate with her and her underworld below London.

This is the sort that always attract me. I enjoy reading the adventurous stories and thinking ahead what might happen to the characters in the stories. This one isn't bad, though it moves in a slow temple but finally, the story comes to an end and the ending is pretty satisfying.

I bought this one on Feb.2, 2008. I was atrracted to the plot and considered to purchase it several times before I finally did. But I didn't finish it. Usually it takes me only a week or so to finish a novel.
The first few chapters were great, I couldn't stop reading! I was forced to leave it behind because we were on the holiday for New Year. Then, it was left there untouched for weeks. I tried to read more, but found it difficult to continue. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough or that the story was too controversial to wait for the ending. I jumped to the very end to find out the ending! The protagonist died.....Sad...
I am sure, I will pick where I left one day.

Purchase date: Dec. 6, 2007.
It was about a little boy who was kidnapped by a group of "changelings," the child-like ancient genies. Those changelings needed to kidnap kids and changed their souls with them. So they lived the lives of the kids they kidnapped and the kids became changelings, living in the child-like bodies that would never grow old or aged. Henry, the little boy became a changeling and had been trying hard to get his identity back. In the meantime, the one who stole Henry''s body had working hard on how not to let the family found out the truth. Time passed, years went by, The identities were formed and everything was irrecoverable.
It was an interesting story. I was hoping that the boy would get his body and identity back. But he didn't. At the end, he chose to live in his "Changeling" identity forever.

The book is like telling us that even we are not who we are to others. People would just expect us to be the ones they thought we were!

Purchase date: Nov. 3, 2007
Strongly recommend this book. The plot was so exciting and fascinating! The mysterious, puzzled narration drove me digging deeper until the moment the answers revealed!
It was about a famous author who kept a dark, secretive past. Although she was known as the great Vida Winter, but no single one knew her real identity. Until one day, she decided to tell the truth about her past and asked a young biographer, Margaret Lea to write her memoir.
It was the time, when every clue fell into the place where it ought to be!
A story about Twins and Twins' love.
To us, non-twin. It is about the unreachable half that we may be loning for or searching for the entire life.

Purchase date: Aug. 10, 2007.
Didn't finish this one, either!
The narrator was the Death itself. It drew my attention at the beginning. Thinking when it was going to take away this little girl's life, or how special was she that she could always skip its fatal hand.
I think, it is because the book is in the wartime. Things in the wartime are very depressing!
Like " My sister's keeper" The background is about sickness, disease. Of course, it trys to convey something bigger than that. The whole atmosphere was just so suffocating~~~

Besides, my interest in novels, I've always wanted to read more books about theories. I enjoy the moment when I figure out the great philosophical ideas. But it takes too much time and I can't really enjoy the flow of the narration in the books. So....well... got to try harder!!

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