Clock is Ticking

I'm asked many times by people around me regarding my work, ever since I finished my schoolwork. They would like to know how I'll plan for my future? Will I continue support myself with English teaching or will I like to try something else, something steady with monthly pay and certain benefits?
This is something many Taiwanese care about?
What do you do for living?
How much money do you make a month?
Which leaves you no room to take a breath.
Last Saturday, I had dinner at my uncle's house. He tried to talk to me about the future plan I have for myself and my family.
What's the better plan to settle down if I didn't want to move back to Taipei?
What's more realistic to do as a woman, that one day I may live my life with a husband and some children? (One day????)
And for the future sake, I should accept the arranged-work because "Kuan-Tsi" is impoartant in Taiwan. (The job that I've already turned down and only two people could understand why I refused to take)
All of the questions from my uncle's suffocated me for a while. He was not the first one that concerned about my work, but he was the one in the family that owned the power to make me feel suffocated.