One Year Older~Happy Birthday

Just got home from seeing this movie "Lake House" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in it. Touching in a way and extremely romantic. I'm still thinking about the timeline in the movie. How did they meet exactly?
My coworker told me to let go, just focus on the moment and the eternal love of them. In the movie, they mentioned a book by Jane Austin called "Persuasion." I never read it, but according to the movie, it was about a couple who met and somehow got aparted, waiting for each other for a long long time and finally g0t a second chance to be together but was wondering whether it was too late to pass the best timing to make their love work.
Anyway.... from the notion of the book. I guess.... in case, one day I might regret it~

Let's sing the "Happy Birthday" to the person of one's mind.

Happy Birthday to YOU~u
Happy Birthday to YOU~uu
Happy Birthday to YOU~uuu~
Happy Birthday to YOU----------