Thinking my way out of maze~

I should have finished correcting my thesis by now and hand it on time before the end of July to get my diploma. But, ever since that, I've been seeing people, having dinners, feeling lazy and longing for a vacation. It is great meeting your friends talking your heart out and in the meantime, getting something back and brewing it in your head relating to certain issues.
Tonight, I went out with 2 coworkers for late dinner at spicy hot pot store and talked about the problems and complains in our working place. Things that struke me into writing thing right now are about 3 issues. One is about men and women relationship, the other is about one's relationship with one's mother and the last one is about 'white superiority' phenomenon in Taiwan.
I can't really think right now. Because it is really late and I am tired.
I'll write more individually to these 3 issues in my head tomorrow.