Ginger's Ramblings

I read a news about 'Ho Wenyong' the other day. He is a famous writer in Taiwan and I used to read his works when I was a teenager.

Recently, there are series called, "The Hospital" brocasting on TV. It is the program adapted from Ho Wenyong's work. Before he became a famous writer, he was also an outstanding anesthestist in Taiwan National Univeristy Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in Tawain. After working as both for many years, he had decided to quit his job as a doctor and dedicated in writing.

It was always his works about his wife or his philosophy of life that attracted me. He would talk about his life experience and his expression was always funny and humorous. His novels from recent years are very different from his early works. They are deep and somehow would bring you into the dark-side of human beings and that scares me! The more you know about the dark-side of human hearts, the more powerless you would feel over youself to the world you're living.

Well..the news was about his response to people who read his novel "The Hospital" and people who watch the TV series.

Ho Wenyong, in the interview, used a simile to explain that many people live their lives like going on vacations with tours. They follow some tour guides to some popular spots and look around for what people regarded as the hot sightseeing spots and out!
They follow in and out! None of their personal opinions or views are involved in their own lives.

Of course, you would probably think: "It isn't true. Some did make differences."
Yes, some did make changes by having thier own ideas to their lives, but when they were making those differences, didn't they maybe, somehow follow the rules under the system of the world?

If someone didn't follow the rules of system to make her/is change about her/is view to her/is life, then s/he would probably end up miserably as a outcast and couldn't survive through.

Therefore, here comes the ending to Ho Wenyong's own theory, though he encouraged reader to be their own viewers and judges to their lives. He still reminded everyone not to stand agaist the system and the social rules too much. (Isn't that paradoxical?)

The news about him relates me to another issue that alwasy makes me feel trapped in, which is, "Determinsm and Free Will." There isn't an accurate result or answer so far, to the question of whether the lives of human beings are determined or maybe we could really have our own free wills to decide our lives in the ways we want. It is because there are still 'morality' and 'social rules' that get involved in the Free Wills that we're making. Mmm......this is too much for me to think right now.

I like Ho Wenyong and after so many years, when I read the news about him. I couldn't believe that I still have this same admiration that I had for him long ago when I was a teenager.
Time goes by, I am now older and he definately has became more mature over time. I still have this consent over what he has made about philosophy of life.
(It surprised me a lot !) But I guess he has this wisdom and sensitivity in him that attracts me.

Not so many men are like this! And~~ I'm longing for one to be around!
This sort of trait in man gives me a sense of security somehow.

In the ancient time, when women were not allowed to receive education. Men who received education were considered Intellectuals and they had devided into two catogories.
One was called, "Wen-Ren" the other was called, "Wu-Jian."
'Wen-Ren" means those who were artisitic, poetic, and able to write politically or artisitically.
On the contrary, "Wu-Jian" represented those who were either smart or not, but definately able to fight well in the battlefield.

And I would like to have the first kind than the second one.
Maybe it is because that's how I wish myself to live spiritually and therefore, I want one to tango with.