Who are We Inside Our hearts?

From Strangers to Ourselves----by Julia Kristeva

Strangely, the foreigner lives within us: he is the hidden face of our identity, the space that wrecks our abode, the time in which understanding and affinity founder. By recognizing him within ourselves, we are spared detesting him in himself. A symptom that precisely turns "we" into a problem, perhaps makes it impossible. The foreigner comes in when the consciousness of my difference arises, and he disappears when we all acknowledge ourselves as goreigners, unamenable to bonds and communities.

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Charles 提到...

what does it mean to choose to live your life as a foreigner?

Charles 提到...

To live amongst the other. Not to try to change who you are, not to assimilate, maybe not even to communicate. But to leave your people and see yourself moving through an alien land

The camera in your head filming it all