A Secretive Image--Men with Facial Hair

Today I was teaching and suddenly I had a very strange idea and started wondering why men wanted to grow facial hair? What kind of men would grow facial hair on them?????

It was because I had a student who looked so young, had a goaty and married. I've met him a few times in my class and he had this look that left me wondered why men were trying to hide behind their facial hair features?

Actually, I know a few men who have goatee or beard on them. In our culture, men don't ususally grow them. One is because, maybe they don't have that much to grow it into a style, another reason is because Taiwanese women like men better without it. Most of my female friends thought Men look dirty on them. (Okay, when somebody makes a statement like this, you would know this one is an exception!)

Mmmm.......I can't deny that whenever there is a group of men in front of me, the one who gets my attention would be the one that has facial hair on him. Either with a goatee or a beard. I don't know why, but it always seems to arouse my curiosity and would like to get closer to reveal the real him.

One of my coworker, a Japanese, he has a thin goaty on his face. I think, he has a very stylish look, very Japansese. Thick, straight eyebrows with his fierce eyes and his thin goatee. When he stares at you, it makes you feel like you are stared by a Husky. Scary~~ But, in fact, he is a very nice and thoughtful coworker and funny, too.

There is another one, also a student of mine, a middle-aged artist. He paints traditional Chinese paintings, oil paitings and makes bronze sculture. One time in class, I asked him what he liked about himself. He said: "I liked my art and my goatee." He likes to talk about "Zen" and his artwork, a very artistic man, also very nice, senstive too. Recently, he has an exhibition and invites me to go.

I once had a friend. (We fell apart now!) He is a baldy who grows a goatee. A very smart guy who always seems to read through people's mind. He knows people and has this nice and friendly image, but he is not as nice as he seems to be.
The more I got to know him, the more I found out his insincere and ambiguous attitude toward others. Of course, he treated me the same way, that was why we fell apart because I coulnd't stand my friend treat me like that.

Well... I know another man with a beard, but I don't know much about him yet! So there isn't much I can tell now~~

Anyway here are the conclusions from my observation of men who grow facial hair-------

a. They have baby faces and try to cover that with a manly feature.

b. They are potential baldy or baldy already who grow facial hair to distract people's attention.

c. They have aggressive mind, but were born with tender looks, so, try to use stylish goatee or beard to enhance their characteristics.

d. They are manipulating and cunning and try to hide that part of them under their disguise.

e. They are too nice and tender, thus growing facial hair to make people believe they are manly enough!

These are my personal views! Of course, I've made those statements not only according to the observation I made from my friends, but also from others I don't know!

One common feature on men who grow facial hair is, they have big and beautiful smiles. (Well...maybe not everybody, but at least the men I know are like that)

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Sahuma Minagahet 提到...

When I was younger I had some more interesting reasons for growing my facial hair, but now that I'm getting older its just there to cover up my double chin.

Charles 提到...

beautiful and true