I miss the time......on......

The weather in Taiwan is getting cooler and cooler. It is officially in Fall right now. The temperature in the day time is still as high as in the summer time. Only when the sun goes down, will people feel the cool breeze.
Though, I love the days with sunshine, the summer time in Taiwan is so hot that burns sometimes. The life style here only stress people up and it's hard to slow people down to relax.

I miss the ocean so much. Blue sky, blue water..... Still remember me lying on the Hanauma Bay tossing around with my bikini.Mmmmm.........
Fall, a season that reminds people of Departure! (Is it a Eastern thing or an universal thing?)

Tonight, we hugged and said goodbye to Karen, the front desk receptionist.
She was the second one that left us this month! It will be a long long story to tell why people leave the place I work.
I've worked in this English Learning Center for nearly 4 years. I've seen people come and go many times, People that I got along with, people that I didn't get along with. There were people who left with happy endings, we held fareware parties for them. At the same time, there were some that left without being cared or saying goodbyes.

The same question has haunted me over and over again. What will it be, if I leave one day? Will I be missed? Will they feel sad when I leave?
I'm moving my territory out of this learning center by taking some part time job at another learning center. It is a must! I need to put my eggs in different nest to secure my living. (Something is going wrong with the place I work now!)

Well...it is very late now. I'm thinking too much again.
Maybe it is the cool weather that.............