Brain Dead

Being brain productive isn't something I've accomplished recently. My mind is always somewhere else when I'm teaching, talking to friends or people around me. What was I thinking about really? For example, I was thinking about what to post on my own blog? When I had a topic or thing that I would like to say in my mind, I started thinking how I should construct it into a piece of article, then many times the things just went nowhere because somehow, I decided the thing that I was thinking in my mind wasn't rich enough or boring to talk about. But it is my blog, you know~~~ Couldn't I just post things I want without worrying about others?
Then, it's that I tried read some books recently! But I just couldn't focus on the one I was reading and my mind would flow away from the lines I was reading from the books, it would lead to another string of thinking related to the lines or not even related~~~
Anyway, I feel that I am sort of stupid lately.
The only thing I've accomplished is filling up my wardrobe with the all kinds of items I purchased these days.
Cosmetics, clothing, accessories, more cosmetics, bags and shoes.......
I was literally becoming a shopaholic~~~~~Gee~~~ (But if I am, then maybe all women are shopaholics!)
It is really like an addiction. But it didn't make me feel any happier or fulfilled, I feel very empty and think I need more items for different purposes.

While women in some countries are still taken as men's properties or in some others, women couldn't even reveal their looks by convering up with veil.
Women in Taiwan are way luckier! We are treated with less sexual discrimination. Maybe some countrysides, some men still have conservatives concepts about women. But, generally speaking, women are treated fairly well as one gender. But something else has became a burden of being a woman.
How to always stay young and spicy women? Many women are so beautiful here~ Higher percentage of women are becoming more self-conscious and knowing they deserve things better by pampering themselves with all differents treatments. They keep their figure fit ~~~Doing SPA, working out~~~ Doing yoga. They all eager in learning the tips of fashion on how to dress up into different styles.
Walking on the streets in Taipei or Taichung. What you will see are lots of hot spicies with great stylish outfits and creative fashion senses.
Such an competitive environment has made women become their own competitors on the gender issue.
Often time, I just feel myself being bulky and ugly among them!
It is not like that I didn't do anything to make myself a better looking. It is just that being in such an competitive environment, you'd never able to top on someone else because the fact is that you're getting older day after day.
It becomes a vicious circle somehow that you're pursuing a goal without an end.
I'd better give myself some time to do or read something and try to be productive in mind!
Or else I would have to change the title of this blog into something else~