Chinese Teaching---Practice Two

I've been attending the Chinese Teaching extension course in school for 4 weeks now. So far, I'm still learning the Chinese Pinyin (Spelling). Don't know if our teacher will share more of her Chinese teaching experience?

Practice 2---What's your name?

**Fu Xi (Review)**

1. Wo (I/my/me)
2. Ni (You/your/your)
3. Ta (She/her/her--He/his/his)

**Sheng Zi (New Words)**

1. sheme (what)
2. mingzi (name)
3. jiaozuo (called)

**Ju Xing (Sentence Pattern)**

1. Ni jiaozuo sheme mingzi?----------What is your name?
Wo jiaozuo Ginger. ----------------------I am Ginger.

2. Ta jiaozuo sheme mingzi?-------- What is his/her name?
Ta jiaozuo Huizhen.-----------------Her name is Huizhen.

3. Wo jiaozuo sheme mingzi? ---------What is my name?
Ni jiaozuo Ginger. -------------------Your name is Ginger.