The Devil Wears Prada, Were We All Born with Materialistic Genes?

On Wednesday night, in my Chinese Teaching class, we heard something from our teacher mentioned about how 'Jelly' is banned in the list of Priests' food. Because when Jelly trembles, it gives away an implication image of women's buttocks.
Can anybody believe that? I do~
It tells that we, human beings, were born with desires. When our basic desire needs are fed. We search for something greater to fulfill the desires, some choose spirituality over materialism or vice versa.

Metrial satisfaction is a great tempting goal that many of us are reaching hard for.

Tonight, I went to the movie theater seeing, "The Devil Wears Prada."

I don't know why I always feel like to talk more whenever I saw a movie, but my guess is that, a movie is like a graphic book projecting the essense of what books are trying to tell. Although, we can appreciate beautiful sentences when reading a book, but by watching the movie, with the way the director leads the audience, we can pretty much be struck with the same feeling as when we read the books. (Okay, I know, how much it souds like I try to find myself an excuse for not reading books~)

I'll skip the summary of the movie here. But, overall, I was thinking the ending of the moive that how many women can walk away and give up a job that provides a million chances for a brighter future ahead in the fashion world like Andy Saches was in (The character in the movie)?

It is true that many of us take spiritual fulfillment as the primary center of life. Thinking that how we should make our souls smarter than others!
But the realistic part of the world is, without the glamorous looking and clothing, you would have been turned down already by many opportunities that might provide you with a better future.
People view your appearacne first then your brain! With a pretty look, you would have successfully made your first step to your dream in life.

I don't know how serious the materialitic values affects Western world? Because, westerners who are in Taiwan appeare to be a group of people that only care about enjoying their lives and fulfill them with music, art and recreation! More spritual-oriented than us Taiwanese.

In Taiwan, we are deeply influeced by the value of Materialism. I couldn't recall how many times, a bunch of us, older 20 somethings were talking about the values of those young 20 somethings and teens.

Our new generation is audacious in enjoying their lives with the expensive brand names on them. They haven't start making the livings yet to know how difficult and competivie the society is now in Taiwan. However, they have started using the money from their parents to beautify their lives and are not afraid of doing so. Sometimes, I couldn't deny that I was impressed by how well their senses of tastes were. They know how to dress up to their own styles, wear the perfect makeups that cover all the blemishes on the face, great at doing their own hair styles and very opinionated on the ways thier lives should be. I am talking about both male gender and female gender.They do know and care much about thier looks and understand the importance of one's appearance to the opportunity that society might have provided.

However, this overly emphasize on one's appearance has made our new generation neglect their absorbency in knowledge and forgot that the key to success requires more than one's look.
I am sure that tourists from other countries in Taiwan would be shocked by our young people wearing not only the brand names but many of them carry a brand name purse or handbag.
You would have no idea how scary it is to see LV, Cucci, Prada, CD flying around in not only in the fancy restaurants but the supermarkets and in schools.
Of course, many of them carry piracy ones. Sometimes, I would stop and wonder how many of them were really from rich families and how many of them were not.
(We do have many rich people in Taiwan, but most people are not~)

Perhaps to some people around me, they would consider me as the 'somehow' material girl. The thing is that who would want to look old, dress poorly at my age? I can't deny that I have a wardrobe to let out my secret desire, but I bought them with the money I earned not from my parents ~~~ Besides, I do care about feeding my head with food from time to time.

Another interesting issue that movie brought up is that: Is it neccessary to turn your back on someone for the success?
At some points, I think, YES~~~
Though the movie euphemized the ending with a friendly gesture, but I think, when people are on their ways to the better chances, there are times that you have to give up or sacrifice something, someone at some points.