After 14 days of Waiting, First IVF Failed!!

Feb 3, 2010

I was told to check in the hospital in the early morning at 10 for collecting my eggs. It was just a one-day operation,so no hospitalization was required.

Although it was rather a small surgery, a full-body anesthesia was needed. It was my second time in the operation room since last August. I wasn't nervous at all.

Report to the counter, filled in the forms they requested, put on the surgical outfit, waiting patiently at the waiting area with my mom and husband.

Before I went in, one patient was pushed out to the recovery area, a doctor was talking to her husband, annoucing the bad news of egg-collecting.

We didn't mean to overhear, but somehow, we couldn't help ourselves paying attention to what the doctor said. The doctor of that patient was unable to collect any eggs from her, even though the ultrasound showed a postive result before the surgery.

I was the 4th. When my name was called, I walked quickly to counter. The nurse there asked me to lie down on one bed and take off my glasses.

They pushed me into the room where another 3 were waiting for me, settled everything for me.

In order to relax my mood, they even asked me if I would like to listen to some music. I didn't mind, they laughed and said; " Certainly you won't know when you are under anesthesai."

Stuck the pads on me for EKG! Poked the needle on my hand for anesthesia.

This was the worst part. Didn't know what happened to that nurse, she couldn't push it through my vein and did it a second time. What's worse, she failed the 2nd time as well and there went the 3rd time.

I didn't know if they had realized how big and thick the needle was. They did say sorry and let another nurse did the 3rd time.

I passed out~~~When I came to, the first question I asked was " How many eggs did they collect?"

22 / 22 eggs.

Thanks GOD~

I went home the same day, tired and weak. It hurt more the first time.

Feb 4th, 2010

10 in the morning, I called the reproductive center again for the result.

Out of 22 eggs, 18 were fertilized. They said, 15 fertilized eggs were to be frozen for the future.

I needed to report to the hospital again for embryo transfer on 6th.

Feb 6th, 2010

With my still swollen belly, felt like I was hit by a car on my belly. The soreness was all over at my abdomen left a great dragging feeling.

Over 10 patients were getting their tranfers the same day. I was waiting for my doctor with my husband quietly among the couples.

My appointment was 11, we reported there at 9: 40.

At 11: 25, the procedure was finished. It took less than 10 minutes, while I lied in the bed for transfer, I heard my doctor discuss my situation with another physician in the center. He was afraid I would have OHSS and thought only 1 embryo should have been planted.

He had already discussed that with me on 3rd. I didn't disagree because he was the professional.

Although there isn't any strong evidence showing that staying in bed will increase the embryo placement, they still let us stay in bed for 90 minutes before we go.

Later that day, we filled our mind with fantacy.

Feb 7th, 2010

The heaviness at the lower belly continued~ So bloated.
Instead of lying in bed all day, we went to department store for dinner.
I didn't know if I was doing the right thing, but since many websites had said that it would have increased a higher pregnancy rate. I thought, perhaps a better blood circulation may have been helpful for embryo placement.

From many forum I went to, the experienced ones still said, a few days in bed was needed.

Feb 8th, 2010

I slept a lot since the transfer and on 8th; when I woke up, somehow, I felt light
No water retention, no heaviness, still sore on the sides. Body weight---light.
I was thinking if........... but then I cut the thought off.

Feb 12th, 2010

6 days after the transfer, the first follow-up blood test. For what kind of hormone test, I had absolutely no idea. Only know that it was about medicine adjustment.

I called back at 6 pm as usual. They said, the report showed 'okay.' Just continued the dose I was taking.

Early that morning, the nurse in the center asked if I had felt bloated. I said; only at the first 2 days.

I knew what she meant of course. I had checked many websites during that 6 days.
Some successful cases said that if felt bloated at the second week before running the pregnancy test, usually, the bloated one shown a better sucessful rate.

I had all my heart hoping that I would feel bloated again soon.

Feb 13th, 2010

It was Chinese New Year's Eve.
This year, I went back to my parents for new year because it seemed better for me this way. Otherwise, I would have had to help my in-law's catering business during new year.
That is the routine in my husband's family.
Doing a catering business is when others want to save their trouble in the kitechen, they know they have us to let them bring home the cooked dishes.
So, usually, working working working is how my husband's family have for new year.

Even at home with my own parents, I couldn't stop the uneasiness of the next 7 days.

Feb 19th, 2010

Got up early and drove to the hospital. It was our first time doing it, usually we take train and MRT.

It's the day to find out the answer. I didn't have much confidence!
One-- only one was planted.
Two--the success rate of one embryo transfer is 20-30%

The nurse asked again if I felt bloated. "yes!" I said.
But could that be a postive sign, I didn't know.

There are sure to be someone else who didn't feel anything but conceived successfully, right?
I tried to ask them about my other 15 fronzen embryo and how I should start my next transfer.
They didn't feel like answering it and asked if I had had the pregnancy test at home.
I replied; I just wanted to prepare in advance.

6:00 in the evening.
picked up the phone and dialed the number, tell the doctor who I was. AND~~~~~

It came out "NEGATIVE!"
I should make an appointment with my doctor consulting the next transfer.

Even though, we had prepared ourselves this; knowing the chance was low. We couldn't resist the upsetting feelings washed over us.
We didn't talk much and Angus avoided the result by hitting the hays.

I felt so lost myself.

I tried to think why? Why?
Was it that I didn't stay in bed for a week? Or was it because I walked my dog?
They did warn us not to lift something heavy. But how about walking a hyper dog?
Could it be that I drank tea? They didn't mention anything about tea or coffee?

National Taiwan University Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Taiwan. This is the hospital I go since I was a child. I have a big pile of medical record there and I trust it with all the best doctors in Taiwan.

With all the well-skilled doctors and high medical tech. Its reproductive center didn't have a booklet or guildline for patients who undergo IVF what they should follow after the embryo transfer!!!
They didn't provide the rate for the blood test. No explanation either!
I didn't even know how good or how bad my eggs were.
Many private reproductive clinics level the eggs into ABC or 123 quality.
They will also remind their patients of what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what should be more careful.
They tell their patients the numbers of different hormone rates.

I thought knowing those hormone rate didn't mean much to me because I am not an expert at this. knowing those will only cause worry and trouble to me.

But, at least, they should tell us what we should be more careful with? Such as: tea or not tea?
They didn't!!

I read a lot opinions and questions from different forums. Many others like me mentioned that--

no alcohol and caffeine are allowed.
Stay in bed is needed.
No sex.
No bathtub bath, no sauna or hotspring.

I broke some from the above. Was it why I didn't conceive?

Then, I thought of my Hydrosalpinges !!!!
My doc did mention it that it wasn't all impossible for hydrosalpinges to conceive successfully!
That was why I stepped right into IVF.

I thought if I could have conceived without having my tube burn off, why not giving it a try and perhaps I would have been lucky, who knew?

I guess not!

I surfed the net all night looking for the article regarding the connection between IVF and hydrosalpinges.
Most of them said: "the rate to carry a newborn with 1 embryo transfer is 20-30%, but with bilateral hydro, the rate of success is 20-30% times 0.7-0.8.
So it is 14-24%

In conclusion--

1. have my tubes cut off
2. try again with my frozen embryos
3. when?

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