Can't Sleep!

How should I know who's the target to be?
Is there a mark? Some sort of coincidence? Or my heart to follow?
From thousands passer-bys,
with endless sparkles that shine, who will be one to lit the fire?
The fire not be the fire that rocks, nor the one that flames hard,
but the fire that'll last forever!
How could I activate the power?
Will two souls draw to each other like Yin and Yang?
Or will they flow naturally into one like a big band river?
Who controls this power of mystique?
Or does it simply act on its own out of the nature's order?
Life is as agnostic as Agnosticism is to be~

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Charles 提到...

Wow you're in love Ginj. And I never knew you were a poet.

Charles 提到...

this blog is a big thing