Vicky's last Day

Don't know why people change their jobs so often, we've been saying farewell to people every month. Many business change incredibly fast in Taiwan, no one is willing to give her/is job a try to see how far and well it might be developed into! The whole business ecology in Taiwan gives people a great pressure to success in a short time, so it isn't difficult to meet someone who might have been in different fields as a salesperson, but s/he could hardly know the essense of the business s/he was into.
This is Vicky, once, our sales representative. We are both Sagittarius and share a lots in common. Sometimes, I just tell people how I should be less candid and genuine to the new comers because when you started getting close to them, they are about to say "Goodbye."
Of course, that's how life is all about! You carry on your own with your friendship with them survive somehow in other forms. Maybe not as close as before, but definately goes on with the good memories you've built. Also, you will continue your life meeting new people and be their friends.

Tall Vicky is about 5 feet 9. I have to wear 3 inches high heels to get close to her.

She complaint about her round face and thought it would look smaller by pulling her face a bit distance from mine.

This is Miya Jan. A man with a good nature and is very romantic. He bought a bouquet of flowers to Vicky to say good bye to her.

But, a moment slipped away! He has turned into a BIG BAD WOLF~
(Sgebe Miya Jan, dirty Japanese man)
Many behaviors of him could have become a potential harrassement lawsuit in Western culture. Ha~~~
I once threaten to cut his finger off!
Though, I know most of his behaviors are harmless.

Nick Chong and Me.
Born in States, Father is Chinese, Mother's ancestry from Spanish and Phillipine. Nick looks either Chinese nor Phillipino.

I am wondering how people adopt their identities, if their parents are from totally irrelevant cultural backgrounds.
Do they adopt their mothers or fathers?

I think, they should adopt both!
But when I asked Nick the question.
He said, he doesn't have an identity.
He is always like that! Being a thick-faced and making bad jokes about himself.
Sometimes people asked him why he is an American, because their sterotype is Americans are either Black or White.
Nick would say, he is a mutt. I know how unpleasant it sounds and I can't deny sometimes I name him with it. But it is the thing I have with Nick, and he wouldn't take it personally!