A Complex Day

It's a complex day, not because things were complicated but my feeling for the day was sort of with many feelings in it!

Very early this morning, I got a secret somehow with a dream that gave me a sign beforehand.
The secret turned out to be something that left me with puzzlement, feelings of uncertainty and ambiguity, but also some kind of excitement.

This happens to me a lots, which was, I always dream about something that would foretell the thing happen the next day or some days later. Of course, when I had the dream, even though I remembered the things or objects in it. I would never know what's gonna happen. However, I would prepare myself with cautious attitude and act more carefully! The dream was just giving me a sign of the main object, as to the scenario in the dream would always seem a bit irrelavent and making no sense at all.

Anyway, my mind was circling with that secret all day long! And had no outlet to realease my feeling. Because it is a SECRET~~~

Continue, the final settlement was certain for our CEO. She resigned from her position with everyone's expectation. A new team, including me, will take things over and help running this on-the-edge company.
Though, we grasp our chance, reported her, sent her away. I feel a bit sorry for her.
We knew well enough, she made her own bed to suffer all this. Still......I feel sorry for her.

The new-coming job worries me! My role will be different! Coworkers will see me differently!
How to carry out my power without affecting the old-happy-time-feeling with coworkers will be the first issue to face.
Tonight, when one coworker knew what I will be! His said this to me, "I am not afraid of you!"
What did that suppose to mean?
I am sure to be in the new team, but I don't know what I will be responsible for. Besides, nobody needs to be afraid of me! I don't bite! I will just do what I will have to do! I won't deny that I'll possibly favor those who get along well with me. So...... "I'm not afraid of you!"

????????? If this cowoker was on my black list, then I would definately take that as intimidating challenge! But....as always..... the flaw in my personality, I am very coward when it comes to the matter relate to people I care for. That's very strange!

Another thing that piled up my complex feeling was------
I finally gave in and broke the ice calling my mom. I don't have too much to say about this part.
Because every family has its own issue! My family has its too.
Acting cool to your own mom wasn't a winning gesture. Besides, I called first!!
I'll have my way to anybody I want to, and stay as cool as I want to be, cruel as I feel like to.
But, my mom is the only one that has the power to turn me into a whirl of turmoil or tornado!
And there is nothing I can do about it~

The one and only blissful thing today was talking to my PIGGY for the first time in about 6 months.
Piggy is my best friend since 13. (I won't say how long we've known each other!)
Why is she called, "Piggy"? Well, I am Piggy, too.
We call each other Piggy since we were kids. Stupid? I don't know!
She moved to States when she was 18. I still remembered how hard I cried! Ha~~~~~
Though, we don't email each other or MSN each other so frequently as the old time. (We are just two grown ups who are busying about our lives!)
But the feeling never change! The feeling that sustains our friendship!
She got married in States in April, I wasn't able to be there to say Congratulations. But........I'm sure, she knows in her heart that I am happy for her with all my heart.
She is in South Carolina. I have one good classmate in Ireland, UK.
Isn't that great! To have friends around the world that might help you with the potential stays in your future journeys. HAHAHA~~~~

You're the happy thing happened to me today, Babe Piggy~

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Piggy 提到...

Oh~ Piggy~ You mentioned me in your blog!!! I am so happy~ Too bad we couldn't talk longer. I really missing chatting with you online. Good luck on your new position! You are so smart and determined; I know you will do just fine! Wish you the best with all my love and kisses~

Charles 提到...

nice making contact with you again. I really respect you for putting yourself out into space--the real you. It's brave. Reaching out blindly into the darkness.